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Perfect weekend: Manchester United preparing club record transfer – report

Bale - The Perfect Premier League Athlete

Legend in the making

We always say that there os seldom smoke without fire and, if that’s true, then Gareth Bale will surely be heading to Manchester United before too long. And a perfect weekend, with a return to winning ways under the belt, has just been crowned with possible news of his future signing.

Some transfer rumours are of course just paper selling hype. But we think that this one has substance. Bale will come back to England one day for sure and only Manchester United can feasibly afford the sorts of figures being spoken about. He’s had a decent time of it in Real Madrid but his style and physical prowess is possibly more suited to The Premier League. If Marco Reus joins Real Madrid in the summer then it may be a case of having one too many galactico for the side. And none of Benzema, Rodriguez, Bale, Reus or Ronnie is going to be happy sitting on the bench.

The latest reports reckon on a £100m deal with David De Gea going the other way. That would be bigger than any other deal in Manchester United’s history, even dwarfing the £60m paid for Angel di Maria.

The Mirror reckons:

Man United plot Gareth Bale transfer from Real Madrid for David De Gea PLUS £50million

Just as we think it’s inevitable that Bale will turn we also think that, sadly, De Gea is certain to go the other way in the next couple of years. It would be a huge loss for Manchester United but not a bad swapsies at all! Bale would be a total legend at United and the forward line would be devastating with him and Di Maria terrorising on the counter.

Let’s see Bale in action. United fans: A worthwhile swap?




  1. George

    Jan 18, 2015 at 10:30 am

    If Bale is as good now as papers purport him to be, why wasn’t he considered for the Ballon D’or? Also, why would RM be interested in replacing him with Reus? Keep De Gea who will make more of an influence on the number of goals saved than Bale will on the number of goals scored and buy someone like a Mueller, Suarez or even Reus himself.

  2. Olar james

    Jan 18, 2015 at 10:33 am

    It’s greate swap to have bale at the team play along with angel di maria,rooney,falcao,van persie.after all we still have a good keeper like valdes

  3. Red Devil

    Jan 18, 2015 at 10:40 am

    Pure paper talk!
    Bale for De Gea? Why would United let go of arguably the best goalkeeper in the world?
    Yes Valdes has signed BUT only for 18 months and what if he decided to move on?
    Bale may interest United BUT NOT if it meant sending De Gea the other way regardless of any transfer fee!
    De Gea will remain at OT and Bale may well decide to come but attacking players are not what is needed at United, it is defenders plus a holding player (Carrick needs replacing soon). So for me this rumour is plain make-believe but it helps to sell newspapers and keep second rate journalists in a job!

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