Shocking news for Arsenal – will Arsene Wenger now be forced into the transfer market


Bad Luck

Arsene Wenger is regarded by some as a particularly prudent business man in the transfer market. We think that he should have gone big on a new spine years ago but he won’t be rushed into a move unless he’s 100 percent sure.

But the latest shocking injury news will surely force the Frenchman’s arm. Because latest reports seem to confirm that Mathieu Debuchy and Mikel Arteta will be out for another protracted period. The Guardian reports:

Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Debuchy ruled out for three months

Debuchy must be wondering whether he made the right move in coming to Arsenal. Because a few games here and there have been sandwiched by two serious injuries. The latest, a dislocated shoulder, needed an operation to fix.

Arteta too have has been under the knife (horrid saying – sorry folks) to remedy a problem with his left ankle. He too has been out for much of the season and neither will remember 2014/15 fondly.

But, with injuries to arguably key players the Arsenal boos msut surely now move in the market, even if he’s not going after his top targets.

We saw how stretched Arsenal’s defence was when Debuchy was last out. We have no worries about Calum Chambers starting games. But Wenger needs to buy another centre back or right back as a matter of urgency.

As for Arteta, his injury simply highlights the need for a specialist anchor man.

Morgan Schneiderlin anybody?

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