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Relief: Deal offered to Manchester United’s star man – report


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Onlookers were beginning to wonder what the Dickens was going on with David de Gea and Manchester United. With only 18 months left on his contract there was little news about a new contract. And with Victor Valdes training, and possibly signing, with the club the rumours mills were starting to go into overdrive about a possible move for Manchester United’s player of the season 2013/14.

It’s natural to assume that De Gea will eventually move home to either Barcelona or Real Madrid. But Manchester United fans will hope that it doesn’t happen or some time yet.

Because, at 24, the player is just starting to pay dividends for Manchester United.

And, in new that will come as a relief to the Manchester United faithful latest reports state that a new deal is now not he table for the genius.

The Daily Mail reports:

David de Gea offered new Manchester United deal to fend off Real Madrid after signing Victor Valdes

Many would say that Bayern’s Manuel Neuer is the best keeper around right now. He has the titanic frame of a Peter Schmeichel and is certainly an uber commanding goalkeeper with mazing presence. But we would argue that De Gea is making even better saves than the Gemrman right now and most Manchester United fans wouldn’t trade him for anyone.

Let’s see some De Gea magic. Manchester United fans: is De Gea’s eventual move to Spain inevitable or can you see him spending his career at United?


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