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Manchester United: LvG vs Moyes stats – what a load of absolute Pony


No Comparison

Graphic Courtesy of The Daily Express

What do they say about 99% of statistics being a load of rubbish? Of course you can’t argue with the cold stats themselves in this case. David Moyes had more points on the board at the same stage last year.

But comparing LvG and the Scotsman is akin to likening chalk with cheese. It’s an insult quite frankly.

Because anyone with even a passing interest in football could tell you that Manchester United’s performance levels this season have been far better than last.

By November last season we could see that this ship was rudderless. Manchester United were hopeless and there appeared to be little direction. The passing and movement was sluggish. United were playing all of their football in front of the opposition defence and just couldn’t unlock the door with any regularity.

This season Manchester United look dangerous, inventive, coherent and entertaining. Yes they have spent huge amounts on players. But Falcao has hardly got on the pitch and the injury count has been almost incredible. United are currently without their 4 first choice centre backs, their first choice right back, one of the best strikers in the world and, until last weekend, their most dependable midfielder.

The signings that have played have been excellent.

So despite the stats very few if any Manchester United fans would take Moyes over Van Gaal. Van Gaal is meticulous in everything he does and his knowledge of the game, of Manchester United and their opponents, never fails to impress. By contrast David Moyes even struggled to remember the name of his own squad member (Ashley Young) in one early press conference.

These stats don’t take performance levels or injuries into account. This Manchester United is obviously going places. Moyes’s United were hopeless.

Manchester United fans: would any of you prefer Moyes to LvG?

1 Comment

1 Comment


    Nov 7, 2014 at 9:16 pm

    David moyes needed more time and he could have done better than LVG this season. Moyes spent only £27m on Maruane Felaine and as compared to that of LVG’s 150m signing, Moyes is good.
    First ten matches,Moyes was ahead of LVG in stats.

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