Deal Agreed: Fee Reportedly Agreed for brilliant Arsenal target

Deal Agreed: Fee Reportedly Agreed for brilliant Arsenal target


We still think that Arsenal will sign a holding midfielder before the end of the transfer window – they certainly need one.

One of the names that has been hotly speculated upon, in relation to a move to Arsenal over the last week, has been the young PSG midfielder Adrien Rabiot.

But the latest reports suggest that the player may not move to Arsenal after all as a fee has been agreed with Italian giants Roma for his services.

French sports media outlet L’Equippe says:

Paris Saint- Germain has reached an agreement Friday with Roma for the transfer of Adrian Rabiot

Rabiot is a really mobile and intelligent young player and it seemed that if the Arsenal manager didn’t want to spend big on a midfield acquisition then this guy would be an absolute bargain.

Football Advisor

But reports suggest that the want away midfielder has been holding talks with Roma after a fee was agreed with Paris St Germain for in the region of €15 million

A deal has yet to be made official so perhaps there is still time for Arsenal to get something done.

Let’s take a look at the lad in action. Arsenal fans: is this the sort of signing that Wenger should be making or should he really be looking at higher profile midfield acquisitions between now and Monday?




  1. So, with the transfer window fast slamming shut, Arsenal has a clueless youngster Yaya “Bendtner” Sanogo as the remaining central striker. No back-up central defender, no proper defensive midfielder! Wenga is not just a joke. He is, in reality, an idiotic, ugly PENIS!

    • Shame about the language which puts some decent folk off your point which has relevance. In life people using offensive language are generally marginalised, so please reconsider your approach, though not your argument.

  2. When time come I will not be sorry for this man call wenger he was using his person interest ruin this club. What if alexis also get injure he had the opportunity of strenghing his club now he was saying something else. If he refuse to buy atleast 3 player he should forget about top 4 this season

  3. Wenger have to go for a high class Defensive Midfielder not people like Rabiot. Carvalho, Song can help us than Arteta & Wilshere. Striker like Falcao can help us than giroud, sanogo. Wenger should forget the trophy if he dont sign a world class striker and a replacement of Arteta who is just like a cloth at emirates

  4. Wenger should stop his child economic & parasite attitude..let the money do it job,Arsenal isnt yours plz we still need central strike,holding midfielder & multi defender…stop mukono gamu.twataka mengi zaidi.

  5. All i have to say is sorry to people like Ozil, Carzola, Alexis and co, coz we the gunners fan no who Arsene Wenger his. La Prof is nothing but joker and he thinks he can twenty birds with just one stone.

  6. Wenger is one of the most idiotic and stubborn managers of all time. Season after season Wenger has failed to buy a specialist defensive midfielder, instead he has tried to convert attacking midfielders, absolute madness. And what is with Wengers obsession for utility players? How many wingers/centre forwards has Wenger got now? Sanchez, Walcott, Campbell and Padolski, all good players but come on Wenger use your head. My last point is the lack of central defenders and Wengers pathetic excuse for that. Wenger said in his press conference yesterday, that if he had four central defenders Chambers would not of had his chance to play so many minutes already this season? So Wenger thinks he can compete on all fronts with two central defenders and Chambers and by the looks of it, no strong athletic central defensive midfielder. Just leave Wenger, your stupidity has undermind AFC’s trophy success for to long.

  7. Wenger will always be Wenger. I have cried out to my own detriment but he has refused to bulge. Not to worry fans we should work as a team and wait for him during his bucket of excuses at the end of the season.

  8. Hey men! fans let us say Wenger need to strengthen a worldclass central midfielder with guts and energy, nothing more, nothing less, but that for this shuting transfer window season.

  9. Clueless,Visionless Wenger and his recruiting team how did manolis,baloteli and now this Adrien fella get away after so much hype? Who in their right mind plays sonago or arteta in their 1st team? Another season down the toilet after just 3 games..very SAD! Chelsea just replaced Torres less than 24 hrs with Remy for just 10 mil..wenger and your indecisive penny pinching crew this farce has gone on for far too long..the team is unbalanced,uninspired and is next in case you need a reality check.

  10. I know Wenger will not buy any player again , he pretend to be buying players at the begining to raise our hope and will go into slumber. He will price all the players in the world but will never buy any at the end of the transfer. I said it time without no that Wenger is an Ebola disease to every Arsenal fan. He is a murderer and the police keep leaving him walk through the street freely, or those this man don’t know how many fans he do kill every Saturdays. Pls tell that man that Arsenal need a good central defender, a holding midfielder, a world class striker at least and leave other things to God Almighty to perfect for us. Wenger will kill all of us oooo the management should act now to avert this.