Arsenal: Gettable. Affordable – The Next Vieira?


Good option

As Premier League players go, if Tom Huddleston is The Wardrobe then Victor Wanyama would surely have to be The Welsh Dresser.

He is almost as wide and deep as he is tall – and he’s pretty tall.

Wanyama may never have quite the technique of a player like Patrick Vieira – but very few midfielders do. But Wanyama has many similar qualities to the Arsenal legend. He’s quick, very strong, influential and a team man. He’ll even score you the odd howitzer of a gaol.

And if it were up to us in a decision to buy or not to buy before September we would definitely bring Wanyama to Arsenal.

The big Kenyan could position himself in front of the defence and make sure that teams like Liverpool and Chelsea don’t pulls Arsenal’s pants down on the counter attack as they have over the last couple of years.

Arsenal are so close to something special now but they do still need that extra bit of grit to go with the guile.

Southampton would be loathe to sell any more players after a summer free for all. But you do feel that the player would want to move to Arsenal given the choice.

Arsenal were linked to the player before he joined The Saints but he has been largely overlooked in the transfer hype this summer, despite Arsenal’s need for a midfield general being greater than ever.

Let’s have a look at the lad in action. Arsenal fans: a good solution? The perfect one even?


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