13 Days Left: 6 feasible signings to save Manchester United’s season

13 Days Left: 6 feasible signings to save Manchester United’s season


Manchester United need to spend their way out of trouble and time is running out. But there are still some great options out there – if United are prepared to pay the going rate.

Memphis Depay – A rough diamond yes. And yes he needs development and good coaching. But he brings raw pace and dynamism to the party – the like of which Manchester United are very short right now. For £15-£20 million, and at just 20 years of age, this guy would be a genuinely exciting investment well worth making. We are surprised Luis hasn’t yet made a move.

Angel Di Maria – A more polished version of Depay, he has the same explosive pace and fantastic athleticism. His consistency has sometimes been questioned but he has just had his best season for Real Madrid and Manchester United could really use is quality.

Arturo Vidal – Manchester United fans would love to be put out of their misery one way or another on this one. If the Chilean did finally come it would be worth the wait. He’s pure class.

Mehdi Benatia – Manchester United have signed Marcos Rojo but they could ideally do with one more experienced defender and, with the pool of available talent small, they don’t come much better than Benatia right now. At 27 he’s solid as a rock, no-nonsense and has his best football ahead of him.

Marco Reus – there is talk of him leaving his club next summer but could Manchester United sneak in for a cheeky transfer before September? We think he would be an absolute revelation Old Trafford.

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Juan Cuadrado – another speed demon that Manchester United should sign up. He’s clearly available at the right price. Whether we wants to come to Manchester United or not is debatable but the club could at least make a serious enquiry.

Manchester United fans: who would you most like to see the club sign before September?



  1. Only Di Maria, Arturo Vidal, Cuadrado and Marco Reus can save Man United season. Quick action is what we need now. Enough of talks

  2. Carvalho if not Benatia, Carvalho is a defensive Midfielder who can play at Centre Back. young raw talent, bit of a hot head, but a vast improvement on anything we have, and not subject to knee injury issues like Strootman.
    Vidal or Guarin to run the Midfield with Herrera