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Manchester United: Van Gaal’s midfield general?


One more chance?

Manchester United are desperately in need of a player who can drive them forward from the midfield this season – someone that Louis van Gaal can hang his hat on and feel confident that he will get a quality performance, full of endeavour and leadership, every time he takes to the field.

Readers of soccersweep will know that one of our pet hates at Manchester United over the last year is most certainly the big Belgian Marouane Fellaini. It’s not that he seems like a bad guy. And he clearly tries hard. But he simply doesn’t look to have the technical ability to play at the top level.

When you consider the players that Manchester United have had over the years in the engine room, they have all been serious competitors, but with the added bonus of excellent technique – Keane, Ince, Robson, even Hargreaves when he played, demonstrated that warrior mentality but also brought real quality to the team.

Fellaini looked woefully short in that department last season. But, with so few options in there right now, perhaps LvG is prepared to give the lad another chance. Certainly there was no need for the ironic cheers that greeted his every touch at Old Trafford on Tuesday night. And it was clear for everyone to see what his first goal for the club meant to him.

The Independent reports:

Marouane Fellaini clings to Manchester United dream as Napoli offer an escape route from vitriolic fans

The Independent understands that Fellaini’s move to United was of bigger significance than has been widely appreciated, both to the player and his family, some of whom openly wept when they learnt he had signed for one of the biggest clubs in world football.

If Van Gaal – clearly one of the best coaches in the world – can’t turn this lad into a top level winner then noone can.

We have to say that, given the choice, we would cut our losses on the player as soon as possible. But, with a paucity of players in midfield and defence, you imagine Fellaini could be used as cover. We have often opined that Fellaini’s only chance at United is to learn to become a defender – he certainly has the physicality for the job.

But to suggest that he can be taught to defend for Manchester United at his age probably does a disservice to the complexity of the role.

Manchester United fans: can Louis shine his light on The Lampshade?

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