Manchester United transfers: If true this is the easiest decision Louis will ever make

Oh those brutes at Juventus drive a hard bargain I tell you. With Manchester United seemingly desperate to land their Chilean international midfielder Arturo Vidal negotiations have been gruelling and protracted.

And, aware of just how much Manchester United want to sign the player this summer, they have thrown a Titanic spanner into the works.

Apparently Juventus don’t care so much about the money. They are pretty happy with the amount being offered. But, if reports are to be believed, they won’t do a deal unless Manchester United agree to swap a player with them.

The Express reports that Manchester United can get their top target for cash plus….wait for it….Portuguese winger Nani!

Man Utd’s Arturo Vidal deal hinges on Juventus’ Nani interest

JUVENTUS have told Manchester United that they want Portuguese winger Nani as part of Arturo Vidal’s proposed move.

We were minded to call The Express and ask if this was some kind of joke. Nani has been so poor for the last couple of years that some Manchester United fans were beginning to believe that the club would have to pay to get the player off their hands.

Juventus got a sensational deal when they took Paul Pogba from Manchester United. This, however, will never be remembered as such a deal.

Nani desperately needs a change of scenery and perhaps a move to Italy will be just the ticket to get his career back on track. Because he has been in a long term decline at Manchester United.

If this truly is the deal breaker then give us a couple of hours and we will easily be able to drum up a dozen fans who will happily carry Nani to Italy and return with Arturo Vidal, if such transport is required.

Manchester United fans: do you still feel confident about signing Vidal?