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Barcelona to bring back a legend?

Barcelona seem to have concentrated most of their efforts this summer on bringing Luis Suarez to the club.

Now that they have a deal in the bag they will focus on other additions.

One player hasn’t yet been mentioned in relation to a move to Barcelona, but who clearly loves the club, is Yaya Toure.

He has never seemed completely happy at his current club and has regularly talked about his love of Barcelona since he left. In May he said:

‘If they call, you don’t think twice. I love Barcelona’

Since his falling out with Manchester City he could well be looking for a move and you imagine that his number one destination would be Barcelona.

Toure may not have reached his potential in Spain. But since he’s come to England he’s been an absolute monster of a player – easily one of the best in The Premier League.

At 31 he won’t have any sell on value, if he does move, but you’d imagine that he would walk to Barcelona if he got the chance to rejoin the club – so wages may not be too much of a problem.

And Barcelona lacked real drive in the midfield last season so we think he’d be a superb addition.

There is a very good chance that Toure will move on this summer and, if Barcelona wanted to, we feel that they would have no problems in bringing him back to the club.

Let’s have a look at the lad in action. Barcelona fans: would you be interested in renewing links with the brilliant Ivorian?


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35 Responses to Barcelona to bring back a legend?

  1. fayemi samson says:

    bringing yaya toure back to the team is a good idea

  2. temiloluwa says:

    Yes bring bak d legend

  3. onyebuchim says:

    please barca bring back yaya toure.

  4. onyebuchim says:

    bring back toure barca. And also try and get me, my email is, I am a good striker and winger, i am 17years old from nigeria

  5. Yes,Yaya is a great player who can play both fefensive and attacking mf perfectely he love and mention barca always,many may not know the value untill he return and it will be another great relationship.

  6. Yes, bring him back(TURE). Then use him with mascharano or Ivan Rakitick, not Busques & xavi in the medfiel.

  7. sunday nwaigwe says:

    Pls bring back our legend, YAYA T.

  8. martin says:

    yes bring him back.

  9. Pls i dnt want yaya toure,the person i want is valbuena of france.

  10. JIBRIL says:

    Pls bring him back he is a solid player with option in defence and midfield.

  11. yes yaya should come back bacelona go for yaya

  12. Mustapha musty says:

    #bringbackYayatoure…i’m a good foward nd i love barca from nigeria my email;

  13. Ben says:

    Yes bring back yaya

  14. Ben says:

    Its gonna be a good idea if only barca will agree to bring yaya back to nou camp.

  15. wale ajayi says:

    bringback yaya iz our lengend.

  16. Nnaemeka says:

    Breging yaya back will be the gratese thinse that we happen.

  17. Baba Tee says:

    Bring Back Our Toure I love him so much he also play Legendry Role on a pitch!?

  18. Emmanuel says:

    This is one of the best news, pls bring him back

  19. Ismail Abdulwahab kareem says:

    #Bring him back pls

  20. I am the best supports fan of barcelona,may name is machine in south Africa

  21. I am the best supports fan of barcelona,may name is machine in south Africa,I like my barca to bring yaya toure to my home camp nou

  22. Animashaun taiwo says:

    Yes let them bring yaya tore back

  23. It is good for Barcelona to bring back Yaya Toure .

    And I’m 18 years old from Kenya playing these position :-
    1. Central attacking midfield
    2. Right-wing attacking midfield
    3. Left forward
    4. Central midfield

  24. jameel a zango says:

    yaya toure is good addition with the club if you bring back him to the club yes is good

  25. McShadrach says:

    Yaya is ok but i do prefer VALBUENA OF FRANCE.

  26. osuntogun muideen abolaji says:

    Bringing Toure is good, strenghtning our defence is better , including elimination of Pique from the squard. BARCA TILL I DIE .

  27. oluwatoyin says:

    Yaya toure is good,bring him back because his going to be a great option and alternative in both Defense and midfield.

    • Adekunle says:

      Pls bring back my great yaya T to barca will mak our team strong more I love barca n messi so much am from nigeria no one love barca pass me we need perfect signing like yaya bcs our midf most perfect strong this season thank

  28. Jonas N. Philip says:

    Yaya is best, he can do well in defence, midfield, attacking, so he good to be back. As u all know we face alot of storm in defence last season, if Pique and Macherano is not their who else will sever us?

  29. Mandume Mufika says:

    Yes please bring back YAYA TOURE, awesome idea,

  30. kaycastle says:

    toure is ok bt he will soon weak

  31. Adekunle says:

    Bring him back once more truely confirm fans of Barcelona this is my contact bcs I want my son to play for barca fider team thanks

  32. tabodedenis says:

    just bring our boss back!

  33. Moruf Abdulazeez says:

    We need Yaya very much in our team.

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