Superstar slated again – Arsenal must now close the deal


Sign him up and profit

Football can be a brutal environment. And nowhere more so than Italy it appears.

Because reported Arsenal target Mario Balotelli has come in for more implied criticism from people associated with his current club AC Milan.

After the vice-president Barbara Berlusconi last month stated that Balotelli was ‘replaceable’ the president of the club, Silvio Berlusconi, has further muddied the future of the player with some very harsh criticism.

The Guardian quoted the eccentric Berlusconi as saying:

“Other than Italy, I lost during the World Cup,” Berlusconi was quoted as saying in Gazzetta dello Sport. “I was about to sell Balotelli to an English team for several millions. But after this World Cup who will buy him any more?”

This could either be perceived as a lack of diplomacy on the part of the president or a hard-nosed sales pitch to clarify the fact that the club no longer wants the player.

Either way it’s unlikely to go down well with Balotelli. After leaving England under a cloud he may now realise that The Premier League was actually a good place to play footy after all – a suitable loaction for his temperament and talents.

We think that Arsenal could really use the talents of Balotelli. Not only will he guarantee goals but also offer bucket loads of the attitude and edge that Arsenal lack in the final furlong of every season.

Balotelli could be viewed as a ticking time bomb who isn’t worth the risk – someone who could get sent off with a piece of petulance in a big game – but we strongly believe that he’s a top professional. Balotelli loves his football.

He’s matured over the last couple of years and we think that Arsene Wenger could bring the best out of him at Arsenal.

Wenger is a puritan who clearly loves football to be played in a beautiful and spectacular manner. But if he really wants Arsenal to win trophies again he must surely recognise that the team needs more steel – more cutting edge. The sort of Machiavellian nastiness that Patrick Viera and Tony Adams would provide when necessary.

Balotelli combines superb technique and pace with that combative, winners’ mentality. We think that he would be perfect for Arsenal.

We do feel that Balotelli will come back to The Premier League and Arsenal will be missing a trick if they don’t sign him.

Let’s see the lad in action. Arsenal fans: a risk worth taking?




  1. alex

    Jul 5, 2014 at 11:12 am

    I guess Arsene will not touch Mario with a barge pole. And he is 100% right. Stay away from the idiot. Man City and Milan learned it hard way. His level is Big Sam teams. Arsenal had Bendtner, finally we got rid of him. Balotelli is Bendtner on steroids.

  2. Naj

    Jul 5, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    1. I am not sure how much you are serious about bringing Bal in the Emirates
    2. How far £100 million can take Arsenal, considering all the decent players, Arsenal is linked up with, as Bal will complete a single game without a card which in turn loses you an important three points. It’s like asking for trouble with literally millions of pounds down the drain

  3. joseph sunday

    Jul 5, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    yes i agree with you bal is bad boy he dosnt have football maner pls wenger dont sign him

  4. geekaybee

    Jul 5, 2014 at 4:23 pm

    With think he’s much maligned. He’d make a wonderful addition. He’s a sweetie. Perhaps we could sign Bentner as well to partner him. I think he’ a free agent.

  5. Oluwaseyi

    Jul 7, 2014 at 7:46 pm

    Pls wenger signe player in time,time is not waiting for you look at other clubs expecially liverpool and chelea because i dont want chelsea boos beat you again next session pls think about it?up gunner

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