Transfer news: Music to the ears of every Manchester United fan

Transfer news: Music to the ears of every Manchester United fan


If anybody is still in doubt about the justification for sacking David Moyes as manager of Manchester United they only need to look at his first signing for categoric proof of his failings as a manager.

Perhaps in an act of desperation, at not having brought anyone else into the club in his first summer, he signed Maroaune Fellaini for £27.5m pounds in what turned out to be one of the worst deals in Manchester United’s history.

And anyone who decides that Fellaini would somehow fit into the style of play at Manchester United doesn’t deserve the job.

Accordingly, the fans’ worst fears came to pass as Fellaini started badly and just got worse.

It’s difficult to know what purpose Moyes bought Fellaini to fulfil. Many believe that his best position is in the hole behind the striker where he can cause all sorts of problems to the opposition defence – albeit in an ugly way.

But Manchester United have great number 10s already and it seems that Moyes bought Fellaini as a shield for the defence. But he was neither athletic or technically good enough to play this role to good effect.

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Fellaini does not belong at the very top level of football. He’s an old-fashioned player who uses his elbows and general height to get in the faces of the opposition – he is never going to bewitch anybody with his skill.

So, if reports are to be believed, LvG is about to further endear himself to the Manchester United faithful by getting rid at the earliest opportunity.

The Daily Mail reports today that LvG has asked the top brass to sell him:

Marouane Fellaini’s World Cup campaign has essentially become one big Barclays Premier League audition after it emerged that new Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has instructed the club to sell him.

This will come as music to the ears of virtually all Manchester United fans. They didn’t want him then and they don’t want him now. But getting a decent price for him could be the next problem.

Manchester United fans: Are there any of you at all who would want to keep The Lampshade?



  1. I wud keep Fellaini and get rid of Cleverley and Young. I believe that LVG can get the best out of him and also ensure he plays a cleaner game. I can see him up front with RVP playing a 3 4 1 2 formation.

  2. Extremely bias article, obviously you don’t like Fellaini based on one season at United. I didn’t see Cleverly Carrick Young Nani doing much to impress in midfield last season so why have you singled out Fellaini?? I watched every united game last season and the games he did perform in were the games United as a whole didn’t perform well in. He is not an ugly player and if he is you might say that about Keane and Viera who albeit were better players. If Fellaini didn’t cost 27 million and cost 19 million I don’t think he’d get such a hard time. He was Evertons best player for five years and when playing for Belgium he looks like a different class of player altogether. Not every player in a squad has to be technically gifted either, De Jong, Kuyt for holland have put in some great efforts this world cup. Fellaini is more useful than people give him credit. He scored 15 goals from midfield 12/13 campaign, that’s more than Uniteds entire midfield put together. Anyway people are entitled to their opinion but I think this publication is derisory and has no real insight or argument to warrant such a drumming of one individual, who I might add was in there first season and got two bad injuries throughout. I think he will prove you wrong and if he does next season. No doubt you will write some tripe if he does have a good season saying how improved he is under Vab Gaal completely washing over this ridicule .

    • Exactly mate, an absolutely bias article. Besides, Fellini didn’t have a pre-season to bed in with the team and he had his fair share of injury problems which hampered him too.

  3. Who cares uniturd still won’t be in the Champions League in 2015 😉 You can’t buy your way out of trouble this time suckers lol

  4. Eoin is absolutely right in all regards. This article is complete tripe. Fellani is not a bad player, Moyes is not a bad manager, you are a bad journalist.

  5. Our problem last season is not fellaini obviously moyes is not fit for the job same club that win d league came 7th fellaini should remain n prove him self for LVG