Arsenal: The first major signing of the summer?

What are Arsenal waiting for?

There is speculation about signings here, there and everywhere but still no deals have been done despite the obvious weaknesses in the squad and players potentially leaving Arsenal this summer.

It’s much easier said than done of course, to do big deals, particularly in the middle of The World Cup.

Players thoughts are focused firmly on the job in hand rather than whether they want to make a big move.

Nevertheless agents handle most of the negotiations these days and the player simply needs to give an indication of whether he wants to join a club or not, so it’s not impossible for Arsenal to get deals done right now. Chelsea and Liverpool are doing OK on that front after all.

There has been a strong suggestion over the last few days that Arsenal will try to sign Mario Balotelli this summer and his agent yesterday offered a filip to the club by suggesting that the player might be interested in joining The Gunners:. The Guardian reports:

“Arsenal are a fantastic club,” Raiola told Sky Sports when questioned about reports in the British press linking Balotelli with a move to London.

“Only eight or 10 clubs in the world can afford Mario Balotelli – like all premium players, and he is one of the greatest.” As to whether the move will happen, he said: “Anything is possible.”

Despite his, at times, volcanic temperament we think that he would be the perfect player for Arsenal.

Not only does he have amazing technique but he also has the ruthlessness and nastiness to drag Arsenal through big games and give them a bit more of an edge.

As we all know Arsenal are beautiful to watch until they come up against the big boys – then they usually stumble. But the Italian could give Arsenal the requisite teeth to finally break through the glass window of title also-rans.

Arsenal fans: Is Balotelli the perfect addition to the team?

Let’s see him in action