Juventus favourites to sign speed demon

Juventus favourites to sign speed demon


There has been a lot of speculation about Juventus signing wingers over the last year.

Players like Manchester United’s Nani have been strongly linked with the club on more than one occasion.

Nani could still join Juventus this summer as Manchester United were never able to get the best out of him on a consistent basis.

At 27 he still is still capable of rare genius and jaw-dropping moments of brilliance that most other players could only dream of.

But it’s a lack of consistency which has made him the subject of frustration for the Manchester United fans – especially over the last couple of years.

Another player who is very similar to Nani, but probably a lot more consistent, is Barcelona winger Alexis Sanchez.

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He had a really good season at Barcelona – his best so far- but rumours persist that he will make a move away from the club this summer.

He has similar skills and great pace from a standing start but, over the last 12 months, Alexis Sanchez has delivered on a much more regular basis than Nani – Sanchez has a consistently good final ball.

Juventus fans might be interested to hear that English bookmakers Skybet have the club as favourites to sign Alexis Sanchez should he leave Barcelona this summer.

At the short odds of 7/2 Sanchez may well be he next stellar import for the Serie A club and Juventus fans will know him well from his time at Udinese.

Let’s see the las in action. Juventus fans: should Sanchez be your number one target this summer?