Arsenal best priced to sign Midfield General – perfect solution

Football management seems so simple from afar doesn’t it?

As far as we’re concerned Arsenal are in a pretty straightforward situation.

They are a very good team who can take many a smaller side apart with their superb passing, creativity and penetration.

But when it comes to many of the top tussles they tend to struggle, as they don’t have the requisite steel to get through those tough periods of games which are part and parcel of top end football, regardless of who you are.

Arsene Wenger is clearly a football puritan but he can’t escape the fact that you need proper balance to be a top team.

So what Arsenal need to do, as much as anything, is to buy a really top central midfielder – a holding type who can sit back with discipline whilst Arsenal’s great creative players go forward at will. Someone to hold the fort. A A midfield hub, General – whatever you want to call it – that’s precisely what Arsenal needs. Which is possibly why they don’t appear to be going for Cesc. Even though Wenger loves an attacking midfielder he’s got more than he knows what to do with.

Arsenal splurged on a Real Madrid player last summer and we think they should do the same again this year – this time on Sami Khedira.

He’s been out with a long-term injury but this could be the perfect time to snare him. With Real Madrid possibly in the market for another midfield dynamo Khedira may find his place under threat.

At his best he’s a really athletic and powerful footballer – a no nonsense box-to-box man who knows exactly how to control that midfield.

With him in the side we can easily imagine Arsenal doing much better against the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea next time out.

Bet Victor have Arsenal as favourites to sign Khedira this summer, if he does leave the club, at odds of 6/1.

And if Arsenal get even a sniff of availability they should try to sign Khedira as he could add a vital ingredient to this side.

Let’s see him in action. Arsenal fans what do you reckon?