Big striker blow for Arsenal?

As happens so frequently in the summer months the gun was well and truly jumped last week, as reports surfaced about Arsenal having virtually completed a deal for Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata.

The trail has well and truly gone cold over the last few days and Arsenal have made no comment about their intention to sign the striker this summer

A further worrying development, for those who like Morata and Arsenal, is that we report that Marca has reported that Tuttosport reports that the striker may want to move to Juventus this summer. What a report!

Italian newspaper ‘Tuttosport’ has livened up the day with a bombshell. Real Madrid have on the table an offer of €28 million for Álvaro Morata from Wolfsburg. The player would receive €17 million over five years, but the player has his mind set on Juventus.

Without a direct quote from the player himself it is of course just conjecture at this stage. But it would appear ever more likely that Arsenal are much further away from a potential deal then was being reported last week.

Italy is of course enjoying a renaissance at the moment and they look to be returning to the top table of European football after the match fixing controversies of the recent past.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has proven over the last few years that he is one of the hardest football minds to read in the game.

Any Arsenal fan can tell you that the striker department needs improvement and a defensive midfielder would also be really nice thank you very much.

And whilst many expect Arsenal to buy a couple of forwards this summer who knows what the great Frenchman is thinking re: transfers.

Arsenal fans: would Morata be a decent addition?