Arsenal now favourites with bookie to sign vital forward

Arsenal now favourites with bookie to sign vital forward


Perhaps we simply don’t understand the nuances and complications involving a major transfer deal. But, to our unsullied eye, it always appears as if Arsenal are dragging their heels when it comes to getting the big deals done.

Chelsea, for example, regularly seem to get deals done almost overnight. And you often wake up to find that Manchester City have done a big transfer deal without the media having even caught a whiff of the rumour. Perhaps this simply comes down to cash rich clubs who are playing catch up with the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United (another club who seem, at times, hopelessly languid in the market).

Perhaps Arsenal need to be a little more decisive in the transfer market this summer. There are, after all, a couple of players who could be signed in relatively straightforward deals, wouldn’t cost the earth and would definitely add depth and quality in the right areas.

Step forward Loic Remy – the perfect example. Having excelled at QPR and Newcastle Remy would surely love to go to Arsenal and play under fellow Frenchman Arsene Wenger. Similarly, he looks like Wenger’s sort of player – quick, silky and technically astute.

Remy could add vital firepower to the squad but would be cheap enough to allow The Gunners another major splurge in the striking department – Arsenal need more than one new striker if they want to compete at home and in Europe – to that end the Frenchman would represent an absolute bargain.

Arsenal are rumoured to want the player and Remy was spotted at a Gunners game earlier this month. Yet still no deal.

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You would have thought that a pre-World Cup deal would be best for both parties and SkyBet now have Arsenal as 4/6 odds on favourites to join the club in this window. A goal every other game for Newcastle in the league this season proves that he’s got the talent to succeed at the top.

So what’s the hold up? Arsenal need to get this deal done before another top talent slips through the net.

Arsenal fans: Are we on the same page as to Remy’s suitability for the club? Let’s show you some of his magic.




  1. mate. youve have a low opinion of arsenal if you think remy is the answer. hows he better than what we’ve got already.

    we need world class

    • We simply believe that Arsenal need more depth up top. Podolski hasn’t done the business and Sanogo isn’t yet mature. Arsenal need 4 strikers to compete with Europe’s best and buying Remy would allow them to go out and spend big bucks on another top striker. Remy, Giroud and Benzema would surely be better than what you currently have no?

      • No.

        We need depth, but neither of these 2 are significantly better than Sanogo. Certainly not better than Giroud and he gets stick from our fans.

        I think you need to watch and understand Arsenal a bit more before you post these articles.

        I’m not trying to be impolite, but I don’t think you really have a grasp on the type of game Arsenal play, if you think these two are going to help us, or have a chance of joining us.

  2. I think you have a problem thinking Remy is good enough for to referred to ‘VITAL PLAYER’ that Arsenal needs. You need to stop smoking what you are smoking mate!

    • I get you big man but Remy may surprise you. Harry Redknapp said recently
      “I chased him at Tottenham, and I knew he would do well,” Redknapp said. “He’s a scorer, and with the right team pushing to get in the top four, he’s capable of getting 20 goals.

      We agree – he’s a 20 goal a season man

  3. Guys lets say Remy is not enough for Arsenal. Do you really think that Arsenal will buy a world class player at say 40/45 million, and that player would want to come to Arsenal ? I am skeptical (even if we did buy Ozil for 42 million last summer). Therefore, if we truly are not going after that 45 million striker, then lets settle on what we can afford, e.g. Remy, Vela, etc. It is better than nothing, which is one of the reasons we did not win the league.

  4. Remy is a steal he reminds me of henry, he can be great at arsenal trust me. And we do need another striker or two. I would love Jackson Martinez to come to arsenal to be honest. And a pacey winger like greizman.

  5. Remy is class and still young, very similar attributes to a young henry, remember until Henry came to Arsenal (Wenger’s man management) he was still considered like some of you think of Remy, a decent forward, not the world beating goal scorer that he became. And to be honest Remy is already a good finisher and can play either flank too, definitely prefer him to Vela, we have too many one footed/left footed players already, to miss out on Remy would be plain bad logic.

  6. And if you watch him play, like really watch him, his touch and technique is so reminiscent of the great Henry, I think he bases his whole game on him, he belongs at Arsenal, since the first time I saw him playing for Marseille I wanted him at Arsenal.