Liverpool set to spend – report

Whatever happens in the last couple of weeks of this campaign Brendan Rodgers will be building for the future this summer after what will be regarded as a brilliant season for Liverpool.

After five years out of The Champions League they can look forward to returning to the top table of continental football next time out.

And the 1st XI would challenge any side on current form. But Liverpool are obviously going to need a deeper squad in order to deal with the rigours of domestic and European football concurrently.

Latest reports suggest that Liverpool might try and jump the queue to sign Manchester United target Adam Lallana from Southampton.

The Saints captain has had a sensational season at the club and really does look like he’s maturing into a top-class player.

We opined last week that, while he’s been linked to Manchester United, we aren’t sure that a side desperately in need of pace would prioritise Lallana.

For all his qualities he doesn’t have a lot of it and his game is much more based on intelligence and fleet feet. Similarly Chelsea seem to favour wide men who have pace to burn.

But Liverpool already have a lot of pace and could better use his creative talents.

Lallana has nominally plied his trade as a winger but can float anywhere behind or even across the forward line. You can easily imagine his guile coming in handy at Liverpool.

He’s got lovely feet and a genuine sense of invention and he’s making a compelling case for inclusion in the World Cup squad this summer.

The Guardian suggests that Liverpool will have to part with around 20 million if they want to sign the 25-year-old – even at that price it could turn out to be money well spent.

Manager of the year Brendan Rodgers isn’t standing still. He’s going to take it up a notch at Liverpool next season, by purchasing Adam Lallana for £20m, and annoying both Manchester United and Chelsea in the process.

Let’s take a look at the lad in action. Liverpool fans, is Lallana worth the money?

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