Manchester United: Worth £30m? Do me a favour…

Some of our readers have recently questioned the value of Manchester United’s potential summer signing Luke Shaw.

Many areas of the media have speculated intensely over the last few months that the superb Southampton left back is one of Manchester United’s main transfer targets of the summer.

And while most fans would like to see him in the red of Manchester United, some have questioned his fee – reportedly around £30m.

In this situation it’s really important to look at the bigger picture. While £30m may seem like an awful lot for a left-back it’s really peanuts when you put the deal into context.

Firstly Manchester United would be getting a player who is already one of the standout performers in The Premier League. Shaw rarely makes a mistake. But on the odd occasion that he does get caught out he has the pace to make up for it – much like Patrice Evra in his pomp.

Shaw has superb ball control, a massive engine, immaculate positional sense and a delivery which compares to many top wingers – he’s already a dream of a player and he will only improve.

And when you consider his age – he’s not 19 until July – you realise that this guy actually represents unbelievable value for money.

Because we have every reason to believe that, as long as he doesn’t suffer major injury, he can play until he is 34. That’s 15 years from now.

You might expect a normal fullback to give 5 years of service to a top club. So, in effect, Manchester United would be buying 2-3 fullbacks – someone who can do the business for Manchester United for a decade and a half.

If you look at it that way then you are talking about the equivalent of 3 £10m players or 2 £15m signings.

If Manchester United get Shaw they will not care about the transfer fee. Because, in the long run, he will surely be viewed as one of the best value signings that they ever made.