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Moyes apparently thanks ‘REAL’ Manchester United fans in a text – report


Moyes still miffed?

A very intriguing story this one. The Daily Mail reported this weekend on how David Moyes apparently sent a text to Manchester United fanzine founder Andy Mitten on Friday, asking him to thank the ‘real’ Manchester United fans who supported him during his calamitous reign at the club.

United fanzine founder Andy Mitten claims Moyes sent him a message, apologising for the lack of success.

According to United We Stand, the text read: ‘Andy. Would you please let it be known how much I appreciated the support I got from the real United fans. They were incredible. I am sorry I couldn’t give them the results they are all used to. Thanks. D Moyes.’

Now, we think that David Moyes deserves to be given some space and privacy, after what must have been an extremely trying time for him and his family. You can’t fault him for his effort and he comes across as a decent guy.

But we couldn’t let this one go. If the text is genuine does it imply that only ‘real’ fans supported him? And if, as a Manchester United fan, you made your feelings known about the unbelievably bad results, dire performances or unwanted records then, in his book, are you you not a real Manchester United fan after all?

Better to keep quiet and show blind faith regardless of how badly your club is being ruined by someone arguably way out of his depth at Manchester United?

It’s not nice to get the abuse that he suffered but, to suffer a cliche, it’s a results business and he was paid millions of pounds a year to get those results. On that salary surely he’s fair game for criticism when he oversees 11 defeats the league by April, without even a good performance to soften the blow?

We genuinely believe Manchester United would have done better this season with no manager than with Moyes – and we are guessing that several of the players might agree.

Dumped out of the cup by Swansea at home in the 3rd round. Knocked out over two legs by a club anchored to the bottom of The Premier League in The Capital One Cup. And 7th in the league after a limp exit from The Champions League on the first occasion that Manchester United actually played a decent side.

Surely Manchester United fans, whose team won the league by 11 points less than a year ago and have since added around £65m worth of talent, have a right to complain and still be deemed true fans. Many of those people, after all, paid good money week in week out to see that dross.

If he truly did send that text – there is no definitive evidence – and he really does believe that complainants aren’t real fans he’s having a laugh isn’t he? Perhaps he had one too many before he sent the message. We have all done it!

Now we shall finally leave a nice guy in peace.

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