Manchester United putting together a package in the region of £120m for several of the world’s finest talents – report

Speculation abounds about Manchester United transfers from day to day, regardless of whether we are in the transfer window or not.

Much of the speculation is obviously generated by the tabloid press. But when the broadsheets get involved you know that there is some substance behind the rumours.

The Guardian has been very forthright in suggesting over the last 24 hours that Manchester United are looking to do deals for three world-class players.

The Guardian says of Luke Shaw:

United confidently expect to close a deal of around £30m for Luke Shaw,

And of the Cavani deal which many others have been reporting on today:

Manchester United intend to plough ahead with their transfer business during the potentially long process of waiting for a new manager to start – almost three months in Louis van Gaal’s case – and their extensive inquiries include exploring the possibility of whether Paris Saint-Germain might sell Edinson Cavani.

The fee would be high, potentially £60m for a 27-year-old, in complete contrast to the policy that existed at Old Trafford

And, rather surprisingly, rumours have resurfaced about Manchester United trying to sign Cesc Fabregas:

United failed with bids of £25m and £30m, as well as making a verbal offer in the region of £35m, and could not persuade Fábregas to go public or try to force the issue. This time they will approach it more cautiously

We think that Manchester United fans would be absolutely made up with these three purchases – players of real class to add to the defence midfield and forward line.

While another box to box midfielder and central defender would be expected to arrive this would be a fantastic start for Manchester United.

Obviously there would be a huge amount of work to do before these deals were completed. But if they could do these deals this would be a massive statement of intent – not only about Manchester United’s desire to get back to the top, but also their ability to still attract top quality players despite Manchester United’s omission from The Champions League next season.

At this rate it looks as if Manchester United won’t be in Europe at all next season, so they will be focusing their attention on taking back The Premier League title.

Even if they don’t manage that, with these three signings, you can’t imagine Manchester United finishing outside the top four if they have a half decent manager at the helm.