Manchester United: Should Moyes be sacked if United don’t qualify? Have your...

Manchester United: Should Moyes be sacked if United don’t qualify? Have your say


As readers of soccersweep will know, we have made our opinions very clear about David Moyes as Manchester United boss. We hate to jump on the bandwagon of abuse towards the honourable Scot. But, we believe that the continued loyalty of the board could be Manchester United’s long term undoing.

We strongly believe that to be a top manager you need three major qualities. Top man-management skills, tactical awareness and an astute sense of how to deal in the transfer market. If you have all three then the sky is the limit.

At the moment it’s plain to see that David Moyes isn’t getting the best out of this, perhaps a little stale, but still very talented squad. The players just don’t seem to be responding to him or his methods right now.

Moyes’s tactics have been questionable from the start as Manchester United have gone from decent, to bad, to worse this season. And with the regards transfers, well you can judge for yourselves as to whether Fellaini and Mata have done the business.

The time for talking is now over. Moyes simply has to deliver tonight for Manchester United – give the fans and the board some belief that he can inspire – that he can manage at the top level and he can turn this nightmare around.

Because, if Manchester United go out of Europe tonight then it’s surely, surely time for the Moyes to depart, isn’t it?

We would really like to hear from you on this one. Do you think that the board should sack Moyes if Manchester United don’t qualify for the quarters tonight?

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  1. Poor leadership, poor management, tactics not that good either
    Moyes has to go, I would not trust him with my season ticket money certainly not a transfer pot of millions

  2. your no Sir Alex Ferguson and never will be moyses, get out while yhou can. I am not a united supporter but I admired Sir Alex for his achievements amazing manager, needs to come back and sort the mess