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Published on March 13th, 2014 | by soccersweep


Strongest Manchester United XI vs Liverpool

Manchester United can, for one of the first occasions this season, select their strongest eleven in the crunch clash against Liverpool at the weekend.

Much of the pressure for a poor season has been placed at the feet of new Manchester United manager David Moyes. Some of his selections and tactics have been questionable. But it’s also important to point out that he has had a stinker in terms of injuries.

He’s lost key players like RvP, Rooney, Carrick, Joens and Rafael at crucial stages of the season. Only now are we seeing an available eleven which could be called ‘the strongest’.

So David Moyes has what they call nice problems to have at last. We think that the team, for the must win game at Liverpool, almost picks itself.

The performances of the front six players over the last few weeks have meant that this area of the team should be pretty settled for the remainder of The Premier League campaign. After long term injuries Marouane Fellaini is at last beginning to resemble a Manchester United player. But he hasn’t yet done it against a top team and this could be the perfect stage for him to properly announce himself.

Similarly Juan Mata has been showing increasing glimpses of why Manchester Untied parted with so much money for him. Expect him to get better by the week providing Moyes doesn’t play him too wide. It would be a major surprise if Januzaj, Rooney, Carrick and RvP didn’t start on Sunday.

So the only points of contention, as far as we can see, are in the defensive areas. De Gea, Rafael and Evra are surely nailed-on starters. But who plays in the centre of defence?

We think that Vidic and Ferdinand are largely being saved for Europe now. Smalling and Jones played together for the first time in The Premier League last weekend and that looks like the partnership of the future. But Moyes may mix and match experience with youthful mobility in this game. We could see Rio and Jones starting.

So here is the team to defy Liverpool. Manchester United fans – please feel free to argue bitterly.

Manchester United (4-2-3-1) – De Gea, Evra, Jones, Ferdinand, Rafael, Carrick, Fellaini, Januzaj, Rooney, Mata, RvP

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20 Responses to Strongest Manchester United XI vs Liverpool

  1. Anwar Mohamed says:

    We only keep on reading about Liverpool, because there is no guarantee that they will finish n the top four. There are 30 points and it is definite that hey will not get these 12 points from Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham which leaves a balance of 18 points, how many more can they drop. I it is early days Liverpool need another two seasons before they can even dream about Champions League.


  2. Evanlo's says:

    Good line up, but Rio Ferdinald should be replace with either Smalling or Vidic.

  3. Shreyansh Murarka says:

    I think that Vidic would be a more preferable option over Ferdinand. No doubt that the latter is a great defender but due to his age, he has been a bit sloppy in recent times. Otherwise its OK. I also think that United should play a 4-1-3-1-1 after Mata’s comment that he would like to play in a more central role. Maybe this should be a better line-up: DeGea; Evra, Jones, Vidic, Rafael; Carrick(or Fellaini); Januzaj, Mata, Valencia; Rooney; RVP.

    • mvarman says:

      Totally agree with that..mata gets his wish, and we get the great quartet on the field and united beats their asses at Old Trafford..although, valencia needs to commit forward more often, rather than regularly tracking back…we need to break into liverpool early i see a 2-0 or 3-1 scoreline favoring us…GGMU

  4. Shreyansh Murarka says:

    And maybe Evra and Rafael could play in LWB and RWB positions respectively, and Januzaj and Valencia pushing further up the pitch making it a 2-2-1-1-3-1.

  5. ferdinand to be replaced by smalling

  6. jonysas says:

    Fedinand is somehow slow, but d xpirience is dere.. We need a sharp guy like smallin,, he can do it.

  7. t says:

    Why do most of the English sportswriters simply ignore Evans when it comes to centrehalf ?
    Is it because he is not English but an Ulsterman ? I think Fergie rates him highly and he knows more about the game than most the writers.

    • Pippo says:

      Oh please! It’s got nothing to do with him being Northern Irish – Evans is simply the worst defender we’ve got right now. He was and should be used only when injuries hit the starting defensive pair. Now is definitely not the time to see if Johnny wouldn’t f**k something up with so few games ahead. Jones and Vidic (Thank you for everything, Captain!) need to be played in every game until the season ends.

      • Vega says:

        Sayin jonny evans is d worst defender in utd shirt is a baseless statement…u merit being flogged.evans is better than smalling nd d aged duo..vida nd shut d f***k up..dont u watch games?

  8. DRANI RICHARD says:


  9. RAY JAY says:


  10. Nameless says:

    Time is running out united must win the remaing games

  11. peter darwin says:

    Kagawa Mata Rooney 3×10

    RVP upfront

    Januzaj Valencia back up

    Rafael, Jones Smalling Evra
    De Gea Fellaini Carrick

  12. damisk says:

    Pls use dgae refeal samllin jones evra fallani carrik kagawa mata rooney and vp

  13. in1voice says:

    Please please… no Cleverly nor Young. If any of these guys plays, sure to lose.

  14. simon peter says:

    let him play mata in position 8 instead ov fellaini den put kagawa.

  15. meshack says:

    ,,,, we need a both beter defensivly n offensivly in this gme. Vidic is a good cb but he cant cope with the speed of sss suarez, sturrige n sterlin. His tacles are poor meaning a red cud possible fo him. Fedi may lack his high tmes n speedy but te lad is ever comfatable wit te ball, he releases pressure wen possesion. Beta start him to partner jones, evra n rafael frm fulbcks. @ dfm, carick to parter fela. attacking let valencia start for januzaj to assist defensivly. Mata, rooney n rvp finish te line as de gea sticks btn te posts.

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