Arsenal vs Manchester United – Scoreline and Scorers predicted

Arsenal vs Manchester United – Scoreline and Scorers predicted


In a game which could realistically end in a win for Manchester United or Arsenal you might think us mad to try to predict the actual scoreline.

Certainly it is not the accepted wisdom of the sports reporting fraternity to put the neck on the line when it’s not necessary. Sitting on the fence generally garners greater life span for the pundit.

But we couldn’t give a monkey, never mind a monkeys, about that. If we get it right, or get close, we are football geniuses. If we don’t then it’s egg all over the face.

But hey. I love egg. As long as it’s properly cooked and not snotty in the middle then throw it at me all day and I shall do my best to tongue up every last morsel of that delicious protein off my perennially patchy and bum fluffy beard.

It’s gotta be better than some sheepskin wearing expert with a preview like ‘it could go any way. there might be goals and there might not. But it could be a good game…. Or it might not.’

You may detect a facetious spring in the step of each sentence today. That’s because we are really looking forward to this game. Arsenal versus Manchester United is regularly a beautiful match to watch. But, with so much riding on this game, it should be even more fun.

You might imagine that a game of such importance could well end in a stalemate. A fearful 0-0. But we are confident that both teams will go for it. They are both genetically programmed to attack and both Arsenal and Manchester United are in desperate need of the three points. This should at least guarantee us goals.

We have a feeling that Manchester United could win this one. Their poor form can’t go on forever. Whatever you think about the quality of David Moyes as a manager, any team boasting RvP, Rooney, Mata and Januzaj should be able to pull off the odd sparkling performance. It seems strange that Moyes hasn’t played all four from the start of a game yet.

That said, Arsenal are playing their best football in years. Despite the humbling at the weekend, from an on fire Liverpool, Arsenal have more balance than in recent times. They have more going forward and better solidity at the back – they are still a work in progress but an already very good work in progress.

So while our instinct tells us that it could be a surprisingly good night for Manchester United we are talking about a very good Arsenal side. We are expecting a belter.

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Arsenal 2
Giroud, Oxlade-Chamberlain

Manchester United 2
RvP, Mata

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