Manchester United now odds on favourites to sign world class powerhouse this week

Manchester United manager David Moyes has been very guarded about his transfer business in January. He seems now to be going with the policy of not speaking to the press until players have actually signed on the dotted line. Probably a sensible policy considering the scrutiny that he is currently under.

But Manchester United’s performance against Cardiff City in the week highlighted the fact that one arrival isn’t going to be enough. Whilst their new signing played really well the overall performance of the team was again pretty limp.

Manchester United need a driving force in the midfield to dominate that area of the park and get the ball moving forward more quickly. Too often the ball moves sideways in the Manchester United team these days.

One name that is been prominent in the rumour columns over the last few days is Bayern Munich midfielder Tony Kroos. The 24-year-old who has already been 41 times by Germany is exactly what Manchester United need – a box to box midfielder with great authority and power as well as great passing ability and guile. He really is a one stop shop for the perfect midfield.

Most of you will now have seen him looking very annoyed that he was substituted on Wednesday. This has lead the bookmakers to bring his odds in on a move to Manchester United in January.

When they opened the market Skybet had Kroos at 4/1 to join Manchester United in this window. But his odds have slowly come in and, after the latest developments, they have shortened considerably – Kroos is now odds-on at 8/11 to make the move.

It will be very interesting to see what happens in the last 48 hours of the window. Manchester United fans will be desperately hoping that David Moyes is at least looking for more players rather than sticking with what he has.

Let’s see Kroos in action. United fans – does he boil your potatoes?


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14 Responses to Manchester United now odds on favourites to sign world class powerhouse this week

  1. Eni John Obinna says:

    I need kroos tomorrow to buildup our mildfiled MOYES PLEASE DON’T FAIL US

  2. jim brown says:

    one player cant change utd problems evan a great player like mata we realy do need to put the fear factor back into utd so complete the job moyes and sign toni kroose and lets finnish inthe top four this season and next win the treble and prove to everybody you are the right man for the job

  3. gibson david says:

    we really need Toni K.

  4. Gabito says:

    Kroos can’t come this month, Bayern will not release him. I dont even think man utd will sign another player this month. Moyes was not brave enough to have allowed cabaye to sign for PSG. Cabaye would have giving us the rock we desire. He should better hijack the Fernando deal from city.

  5. Osman says:

    Please moyes try to bring toni kroos to old traford

  6. Comrade Otene Simon says:

    We Realy Toni Kroos

  7. johnson says:

    i am a man utd fan but never will david moyes sign a world class player……he just cannot be a boss in such a big club like man utd……please sack moyes faster…..

  8. Fatoba Adegboyega says:

    Pls David moyes will need Toni kroos

  9. obinna says:

    D M pls we need toni

  10. kiki says:

    I ll never 4give DM,if he fails to sign Kross too.I dnt know weda hez timid or wht.How can u mke donkey jobs n allow Pellagri n Mourihno to cum n sign Fernando n zouma respectively.A manager indeed!

  11. justine buter says:

    please moyes i need tony croos in old tranford tomorow

  12. Nebiot nduna says:

    Plz,l need kroose 2 in man u

  13. agbo paul says:

    plz david moyes we need kroos to strengthen our midfield

  14. Ian says:

    DM is the worst signing ever ManU has ever made. Many players the world over would enjoy being part of the ManU brand but surely very few top players would love to work under Moyes! NEVER!

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