Liverpool installed as favourites to sign 60 cap hit man in Jan

Liverpool installed as favourites to sign 60 cap hit man in Jan


We could definitely see this one happening. Most managers tell us that the winter window is notoriously hard to do big business in. Players are uncertain about moving mid-season and clubs don’t want to sell their stars until the trophies have been dished out.

So the big money transfers are few and far between. But Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has proved to be a master of the mid-priced market during his time at the club. Players like Countinho and Sturridge weren’t exactly cheap but they were affordable and, crucially, gettable.

With a genuine chance of winning the title this season Liverpool be desperate to strengthen in the winter window and will probably be looking in the same sort of marketplace again. One player who has great experience of The Premier League and could definitely add quality to the Liverpool squad is Lille striker Saloman Kalou.

After 6 years of success at Chelsea he left the club in 2012 and has scored a goal every two games in his time at Lille. He’s been playing out of his skin and rumours have started to surface about him returning to The Premier League.

Yesterday The Liverpool Echo said:

Liverpool transfer speculation today sees Reds boss Brendan Rodgers chasing ex-Chelsea striker Salomon Kalou and MK Dons starlet Dele Alli.

Kalou, 28, is at Lille but has already had interest from Liverpool and Tottenham while Arsenal have been sounded out.

At 28 Kalou is still in his pomp and while he never took centre stage at Chelsea (36 goals in 156 games) he was an excellent member of a brilliant squad. He is a real athlete with pace and great mobility and he can play anywhere across the front line.

Bet Victor now has Liverpool as favourites to sign Kalou in January at odds of 4/1.

Let’s see Kalou in action. CLICK FOR KALOU

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  1. Sorry but if Rodgers buys or gets loans for anymore players who he’s worked with ( HE SHOULD BE SACKED ) Not one of them have been any good ;-( Just look at the £55.000.000 Million Pound Waisted on Allen Borini Assaidi Aspas Alberto Ilori ( SIMPLY SHAMBOLIC SIGNINGS ALL ) Plus word is Liverpool aren’t looking to buy players in January ( So they can’t be serious about getting back into the Champions League ) SO WHAT IS FSG’s AGENDA….

  2. You have to say Rodgers’ transfer ‘policy’ is rubbish. Allen 15m a makeweight, Borini 11m loaned out, Aspas 7m a lightweight, Alberto 7m hardly plays, Illori 6m never plays, Moses free but crap, Toure OK as a 4th choice centre back. Only Coutinho and Sturridge can be counted as succeses. I’m surprised FSG haven’t lost faith in his judgement.

  3. I really don’t want to see Kalou at Liverpool either but Stan the Man & Red Ted haven’t got a clue!!!!

  4. Wheres these real signings as promised, the Tello , Salah types???
    I like what Rodgers has done with improved attack & more determination back in the Liverpool emblem finally resurfacing….but some new qualnings are a MUST!!
    Maybe he has no budget & this is why we keep missing the world class stars & end up with these bargain buys on a hopethey exceed expectations…..

    • who promised Tello and Salah…they were just targets sensationalized by media…y r u accusing as tho BR rang u up n promised you his buying Tello n Salah??? get a grip and wait for the manager to complete his work…

      • When it is openly spoken from both sides Liverpool have approached a player who is rated 99% of joining, it is basically expected, would you not think???
        Hand off it & face the fact we have missed several of our top targets who have preferred other destinations from slack dealings, lack of money & those Yank owners who promised..yes PROMISED more….

    • Tello and salah aint even good enough! Okay they’ll add depth but I did prefer lfc going for the title instead of top for which would require matta, cabaye, contrao and other world class dudes

  5. Its time to invest in young and talented guys..why should we be going for loanees all the time.brendan let me help you,,,,,,left back,, am thinking of ,,clichy,,forward add,,,alexis sanchez,,playing style like suarez,,,

  6. honestly, Kalou isn’t a wise potential signing, why must Breden be kooking for those players that have worked with him in his former club? that can’t help LFC….. Rakitic, Diamme, Salah, Roma De Rossi, Lazio Candreva, Sydney Sam, Dembele they are better midfielders; forward Rodgers shld discard the likes of Boroni, Aspas, and go for Loic Remy,or any Attacker from Bayern Munich, Barca Pedro or Fc Porto Martinez

  7. Rogers please dont bring flops like Kalou to liverpool we can fish somewhere, i respect the decision of getting Salah and pedro and sent that Sterling on loan cause everytime he gets the ball i expect nothing to happen defiantly has pace but what does it help if you cant score, bring in attackers please. play Jordan Ibe as well he has skills i saw him on pre season he’s far better than sterling in finish though they don’t play on the same wing.

  8. First, Liverpool do not have a real chance to win the league, anyone who really thinks this lives on a different planet. If you look into Rodgers transfers, most of them are just not the standard Liverpool need. Two already play elsewhere, the rest are mainly unused subs (with the exception of Sturridge and Coutinho). Good job he inherited Suarez or he would be gone by now. We need to get players for NOW, not ‘potential for the future players’ or we will fail to get top four again.

  9. Some guys asking about fsg agenda are delusional. Fsg and bren are great and success is not all about signing players every window . All the speculation is media rubbish. Rodgers said nothing was planned. Folks can’t understand English anymore.