The One Signing To Save Moyes’ Bacon – even at £50m

We don’t want to bang on about David Moyes being out of his depth at Manchester United. He’s clearly a man under pressure. But, on his salary, you can’t be too sympathetic.

There is a famous saying, possibly, that you truly find out about the substance of the man when the chips are down.

Well the chips are down for Moyes yet all we hear is how he won’t be able to buy anyone in the transfer window because they probably aren’t available. Does the Manchester United manager seriously think these top players will be MORE AVAILABLE in August when he can’t offer Champions League football?

Well Mr. Moyes it’s time that you MADE SOME PLAYERS AVAILABLE. Needs must my friend and any Manchester United manager worth his salt could negotiate a big deal in January – heckers, your job depends on it man. At the moment you are going out with a whimper.

What Manchester United need now is a superstar signing. A galvanising force to bring confidence and class into the club. Look at the way Arsenal have been transformed by the signing of Mesut Ozil. He hasn’t even been that great of late but the sheer confidence that his signing brought to the club has propelled the entire squad to a new level. Arsenal are no longer seen as a selling club. Arsenal is a place where players want to play again.

It’s plain and simple – Manchester United need to sign Ross Barkley. Even at £40-£50 million you are getting a bargain. Because, at 20 years of age, he’s going to be a talisman for an elite club for a decade. He’s one of the few players in the world, a la Rooney, who has the combination of sublime feet and battering ram power – he’s a balletic bulldozer of a player who could literally play anywhere on the park.

Quite why Moyes bought Fellaini for £27.5m is beyond us. But he can right that wrong and save his job by going back to his old club and paying proper money for a proper player. Surely, SURELY Moyes is the best placed manager to sign Barkley having worked with him for so long?

So stop moaning, get down to your old club and say ‘how much for the boy? No seriously, how much?

Putting Barkley in the Manchester United midfield right now would be the catalyst for their season – adding a driving force AND that bit of magic that the engine room has so patently lacked this season.

It doesn’t matter how much Manchester United have to pay. It’s worth it. Here is a world class talent who isn’t cup tied for the only competition that Manchester United are still competing for which is worth winning – The Champions League. But, more realistically, Barkley would give Manchester United an immeasurably better chance of getting the team into that crucial fourth Champions League spot come the end of the season.

In our opinion, it’s Barkley or bust for Moyes this season.

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