Arsenal: Is this forward worth £30m plus?

The rags have been a wash with stories about how Arsenal might spend their next huge wedge of cash

The rags have been a wash with stories about how Arsenal might spend their next huge wedge of cash. Many to most think that Arsene Wenger will invest in an elite striker to feed off the devilish service from midfield.

Some reports, meanwhile, have suggested that Arsenal will buy yet another playmaker. The mind boggles.

But it’s been a while since the talk was all about players leaving Arsenal. It seems that, slowly, Arsenal are losing their reputation as a selling club.

Nevertheless The Guardian, amongst others, suggests that Monaco are interested in buying Theo Walcott. It says:

Tax-shunning French giants Monaco want to spend £34m on Theo Walcott

This is a very interesting one. Mainly because Walcott draws such variety of opinions. What is irrefutable is that he has superb pace – a vital ingredient for success in the modern game. He also scores goals.

But, if you were offered £34m for him, would you take it? We at soccersweep would bite the hand off the buyer. Walcott is as good now as he will ever be – which isn’t that good. Meantime Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, a player with much more talent, is left rotting on the bench instead of being allowed to iron out his inconsistencies on the field of play.

If Theo left Alex would blossom and Arsenal would e a better team for it in the longer term. With the system Arsenal play, there is rarely room for one winger, let alone two. So, Arsenal could let Theo go for £35m and buy a striker and centre back – job done – Premier League title here we come.

Arsenal fans. Is The Ox wasted on the bench? Is Theo worth £35m? And would you sell him if the offer did materialise?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nwuke

    Nov 5, 2013 at 10:50 am

    Well said. I feel Theo won’t have anymore consistent run and professional performances until he pushes for a new deal. I like to liken him to the Christmas light that comes on and goes off. I hope Wenger sells him and give Chambo his chance. Ox showed his class against Man Utd and as you rightly put it, I’d favor him in that position over the pacy 14 and if possible retain Sagna.

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