Arsenal: Villa and Diame latest

Arsenal: Villa and Diame latest


We have become accustomed to confusion at Arsenal haven’t we? Well this is exactly How Sam Allardyce has described the circumstances surrounding his midfielder Mohamed Diame, who has been regularly linked with Arsenal this window.

Allardyce told Sky Sports:

‘my understanding is that it’s total confusion’ …… ‘ There are certain situations where, yes, we might lose the player.’



As for David Villa, Wenger stated yesterday that Barcelona don’t want to sell but the ever zealous  Daily Mail says that Wenger will make ‘one final swoop’ for the striker after talks with the Arsenal top brass.

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We think that every player has his price and if Arsenal really want the prolific striker then they must splash the cash.

We shall of course continue to be your eyes as the drama unfurls

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  1. Wenger is not ambitious coach, all he wants is money for himself and the management. He doesn’t care whether arsenal won trophies or not. Except miracle happen I can see us signing any player between today and tomorrow.

    • Bollocks! He doesn’t Care if he doesn’t win trophies or not? If he was after the money he’d go to psg amd earn more, dumb comments!!

      • Moreover to suppor Jeo, if you want to earn more money, why not win PL and UEFA? the prize for that is way bigger than just selling talents……

  2. Honestly,i think any sane person should just keep off monitoring Arsenal news.The gaffer had clearly shown he is not interested in improving d team.Accordind to him,he is looking for top top talent.and for you to get that you will continue to wait for godot.he said he has not been able to identify better players than the present crop of players that he has.Thats why Arsenal is on top of the league and are going to win champions league.

  3. Wenger go ahead pay the money and get him. he will help us push for top 4 finish. we need a player with confidence that can win matches for us.

    • hello to all gunners fans an tired of dis arsene wenger he dosent want to improve d team at all he’s talking about a quality player but he dont want to spend money he dont no more than profit we want u leave

    • Wenger needs a break and think if Arsenal back line fits the team. Only Vamarlin is trusted player at the back. Santos is a disgrace to watch, his football sense is negative. Metasaca has every thing to be more than whom he is in the pitch but what we get from him is below average. Sagana does very well to support the attack but his crosses ends on the legs or body of opponent team which has constantly put Arsenal under immerse pressure. Now Gibbs is 3 weeks out, This is time to off-load Santos and bring in two good defenders, stop chasing David Villa. If Arsenal does not score goals and same time does not concede goals, the team would have been off and Fans will not die of heart attack.

    • You mean the Arsenal that he built? Some people either have selective memories or no experience of Arsenal pre 1997

  4. True. Wenger wil on be happy with ever increasing revenue collection frm the tickets and selling the best players to our competitor creating teams for mancity and Barcelona.

  5. why wenger so you don’t see anything wrong whit your team please we need quality players not ramsey and stop de mada fucker things that you been doing go to hell wenger.

  6. That of villa’s move it’s barca that don’t want to sell the player now, it’s not about not willing to pay a certain amount.

  7. Arsenal needs a lot of quality players.There is something seriously wrong with Wenger.If cash is there,why not spend it?He is grown too big headed.

  8. i always say it. wenger is fooling the gunners. if he part ways with a huge amount of money for a top cl;ass player the sun will rise from the north to the south. its wasting time to follow arsenal transfer news.

  9. Wenger is a kind of person u see gun shot him.He never care 4 the club nd the fans,all he care 4 his is pocket.bad coach.

  10. Why would winger be playing with our sensitive he did during summer transfer,he kept us all on the edge of our seats n now it seems same would new signings.this was what Rvp complained about,no quality signings soon Carolann would do so sad now.he said his not signing for we the fans that means management don’t care how or what we think. Pls I think some of the writers also shld stop speculating bout players they ain’t sure of pls

  11. Anything other than a loan deal is not it. Villa is not worth splashing the cash. He will not have a reciprocal impact on the team. What we have now can achieve our immediate objective of CL football if the players apply themselves and play to their potential. The cash is best kept for the summer. Diame, yes. He can improve our defending and he will come cheap with EPL experience.

  12. Wenger is heady n sturbborn,its only a miracle that can make him sign in january,he toils with our emotion cos of love of money n stingyness but I say to hell with his money n stingyness

  13. A proper DM is needed @ arsenal. Ramsey is showing some promise of late but we all know dat Arteta is d 1st choice. There-in lies d problem; u can’nt use a donkey in a horse race. sorry Arteta no hard feeling just think u will be beta as a sub for Carz. or Willshere

  14. Arsenal wont pay big money for ANYONE.l’ve been a gooner for more than 50 years and l’ve yet to see them splash the cash.ln any case,if they started to now,how will poor Stan be able to buy another ranch?Or another shopping mall?The only way we’ll ever win another trophy is when the yank f*cks off back to where he belongs,and takes that tosser Gazidis with him and allow Uzmanov a place on the board and the return of David Dein!Long live us REAL gooners!

    • .l’ve been a gooner for more than 50 years and l’ve yet to see them splash the cash—-> when have Arsenal ever been big spenders?

  15. Blah blah blah Wenger is not going to sign anyone and all these rumours are actually boring the hell out of me What we got is all we are going to have.

  16. All your comments are sad, wenger this Wenger that, and from fans who have probably never been to a game! Which teams want to sell there best players in January?? Not many!! So why should he buy crap like a santos or chamack to keep you lot happy!!? I know with my ticket money I pay to watch it was rather spent wisely on real quality than to keep some arm chair supporters like alot of you happy.

  17. Wenger should respect his job fooling the fan is not fear,Arsenal are among d 5 richest clubs in Eroup y Wenger is so cheep may God help us ,an save us from Wenger demon act,he is the anter to Arsenal.may God deliver him

  18. Wenger sign them with out sign this january we should forget about the champion league no hope any more please wenger sign you have the money with you why not sign them you are waiting for deadline day

  19. Lo what a coach? is any way that can be done to remove this economist in the club? I wish Ashmanove takes over as a majority share holder.Wenger will resign.

  20. RVP is dam right. Arsenal is a Club with no ambition. We must stop midnite dream.Our Arsenal is no top class. But our stadium is top class.

  21. Leave all the striker issues….Left Back is a huge problem. Santos is pathetic, with Gibb out for three weeks. Santos plays…we doomed.

  22. Once again wenger cheat all gunners fans about new signing.all stupid rumuros n acting have to add new player n go for cavani 35million its ok.where got cheap now everything is class player for 10 million where u can get stupid wenger.what quality u have now all good player already sell for your wages n very important than wenger.25years gunner fan n wenger u just come n pls get loss from club.spurs make very simple sign for holtby n wenger wait 1year to sign holtby what a drama from no what to do.

  23. Hi, my people pls let us stop disturbing our selves about arsenal transfer matter. Wenger and gazigid know what they are doing so they are just after money not trophy. When the sold the likes of fabregas,nasri,adebayo,song,rvp,etc no replacement ever since january 1st no excesptional players in the market let just stop giving our selves hypertension on wether we will buy any player today notting like that. Let us just be praying that wenger and gazigid die b4 end of the season and krone enke sell his share for usmanov. By then arsenal will become a team in europ. But now notting is coming.

  24. I dont think d whole blames shld go to d Prof. Afterall, he is not d owner of d club. The management should also sit up.

  25. As for me, i think we should not lay all the blames at wenger. We should lay the blames on the management. If the management gave him money to buy players and he did not buy, they have to querry him since they need trophies. But because they value their revenue more than the trophies, they will not querry or even sack him. Do you know that there are many top clubs that is waiting to hear that mr. Wenger has been sacked so that they will grab him. And believe me, if chelsea or man city have the opportunity to grab mr. Wenger, any player he points at, the management will pay without hestitating because they knoe that there is something he see in that player. But here in arsenal, when he tell them that he wants to buy, they will be looking at the money they have to pay. If costly, they will tell him to go for the cheaper ones. Therefore, i think is time for us GUNNERS to fight the management and not Mr. Arsene Wenger, he is a strong man who can endure. I pitty for him

  26. Wenger has overstayed in arsenal. He has exhausted his ideas. He is after his commision in selling players and not the interest of the club. He is collaborating with the American businessman to make money out of the club. Wenger shld go, we are tired of frustrations.

    • Why are half the people who are making comments unable to use english words? ‘b4’ ‘d’ ‘fanz’ ‘somethink’ etc etc. Do you seriously expect anyone to pay attention to your dumb comments? Go back to reading and writing at a 5 year old level and come back in a couple of years!!!

      In Arsene we trust!

      • I bet Wenger is reading this right now and thinking “I must shoot myself because a bunch of illiterate morons are unhappy we aren’t winning trophies every year”
        I wonder where these morons were back in the 80’s when Tommy Caton was playing

  27. Well,i kan’t blame d fans bcos every 1 of us sees tinx 4rm different perspective,but wat i see 2 arsene wenger is dat he is just like an igbo man dat will go 2 okirika market and buy some clothes wash dem,iron and take 2 d markit 4 sell,dis man will only lukin 4 cheap boy who he will train and sell 2 some stupid club which are not ready 2 sell dere own player,arsene wenger u nid 2 reason well,we fans dey para far just dont believe only on profit alone,we also need trophy guy,i pray may God help u tru,up gunners

  28. Wenger is on his way to hell on refusing to do the right thing, however all available ladders to climb to hell are too short and well known ladder makers to help us make an urgent ladder of length to get Wenger to hell, said the minimum time frame to build us a ladder of this magnitude will take 48hrs, meaning we can take delivery of the Ladder by 11.06am, Saturday 2nd Febuary 2013. This is very late, meaning Wenger cannot go to hell after all.
    By 12.00 midnight it is over, the man Wenger is better than Maradona of Argentina, who dribbles every body in the pitch and scores with hand of God.

  29. Wenger is fond of making noise that oh i want 2 sign aquality play,ooooh…. we tired with Wenger’s policy let him hand over manegerial 2some1 who is capable so that we can b streefree.

  30. I don’t know why Mr. Wenger is becoming so rigid from day to day!! It is clear that Arsenal will not win unless they recruit top class players. What is after all the ambition of the Arsenal board and coaching staff? Is it not winning something as a football club? Or just cropping some talent and selling to earn money? If so they should stop calling being as a football club and call them as ‘Arsenal football players selling shop’. I hate that club so much from the bottom of my heart now, because it is a club that does not care for its supporters. How long should the fan suffer and feel agony to see Arsenal get something? It is completely injustice and shameful!!! Look ManU, Look Barca, Look Liverpool or totonham… they really do everything to please their supporters.
    Our manager came before the opening of the transfer day and said ‘we need 2/3 top, top quality player’. The red devils boss came and said ‘ no we do not want any recruit, because we have enough squad.’ When the transfer day is closing to an end we have nothing but the red devils had ½ more recruits. Hate ARSENAL!!!!!!

  31. wenger is full of sh**t, is selling young players to his rival and buy worn out players from them. See the case of arsenal buying Sylvetre from Man U. He does this for his selfish reasons. I hate him

  32. i think arsene wenger is just a confused manager, he’s not been straight forward lately & he’s scared of spending big without success because he has always been a fan of no-spending-big success which has failed him for 8yrs now.

  33. I don’t see any problem with the present except the defence…the strikers are doing a nice job…..u guys don’t 4get that there are still players to be off loaded….they should improve on the defence!

  34. if wenger did’nt go now we will not qualiffier for champions league for 2 more years,He just stupid and the board aswell,Wenger and the board has mantel problem,they are crazy not knowing that league has change so they need to buy very good players for me i will not forgive wenger and the board for dameging arsenal i use to know is only God will pay you guys back

  35. To all the foreign FAKE arsenal fans…if you dont like the way we do things…f**k off and support some awful team in your own country!! you obviously have no knowledge of english football or arsenal fc or what wenger has done for football and arsenal! if you want instant success or signing overrated mercenaries like drogba or torres then support chelsea yeah? leave arsenal to proper fans and intelligent, open minded fans! arsenal do not need so called fans like you lot, much bigger than any silly deluded glory supporter! MUGS!!!!

  36. I really don’t understand what’s happening @ arsenal but da quicker it’s soughted out da better.this doesn’t look normal 2 me.even a blind deaf & dumb man knows we need 2 sign players.

  37. Was talking about this over at the other day, Wenger had no chance of signing Villa anyway, Arsenal are a club that arnt challenging for top honours. As for Diame he indicated that he didnt want to go to Arsenal anyway, even if they triggered his release fee. Arsenal are a club of the past, if Spurs went in for them, they would of joined them.