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Who will replace Balotelli?


There have been some wonderful highlights for Mario Balotelli at Manchester City. His opening goal and subsequent celebration against main rivals Manchester United is almost as memorable as the title winning goal itself.

The T-shirt said ‘why always me?’ But surely even Mario knows the answer to this by now. Despite his inordinate talent, his power and effortless technique, Mario seems always to court controversy. To play with fire. Works.

It seems just a matter of time now before he joins Juventus or Milan. Most City fans will wish him the best and simply hope that he doesn’t continue to throw his career down the crapper. Football is of course just a game. But it’s one that Mario needs to take more seriously if he isn’t to spend half of his life regretting the other half.

Manchester City fans can comfort themselves with the fact that, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon, the owners will be happily shelling out tens of millions on a new improved model. Shall we assess some options? Yes, lets.



Luis Suarez – The Liverpool schemer has been on fire this season and is certainly of the requisite quality to play at The Etihad. The question is, does the boss want more players like Tevez, Aguero and Silva or does he want to complement his smallish tricksters with another chunk of a man like Dzeko?

Radamel Falcao – Cor blimey this lad can play. He’s almost single handedly keeping Real Madrid in 3rd as Atletico Madrid sweep all (except Barca) before them this season. He won’t come cheap as everyone wants him. But he would be a star at Manchester City. He’s scored 43 in 53 for his current club since moving from Porto in 2011.

Edinson Cavani – He’s been passed around the rumour mill like a badly rolled joint for over a year now. The Uruguyan, 25, will surely leave Napoli soon and it’s simply a question of which European juggernaut he joins. 67 goals in 89 games for Napoli.

Neymar – The 20 year old has been touted as the next Barca superstar but we are talking about Manchester City here. If the offer was impossible to refuse then he might be swayed. Again though, he may be deemed too similar to what Manchester City already have.

Marouane Fellaini – Don’t laugh. This guy has been absolute dynamite since he was pushed forward from the defensive midfield areas at Everton. Some have described him as the complete footballer as he can mix it with the best technically but also knows how to put himself about in the physical stakes. He’s a bloody nuisance I tells ya….

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