Done Deals: Arsenal sign 2 ‘Worldies’

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Amidst the uncertainty at Arsenal, a ray of blinding light. The signings of The Ox and Jack Wilshere, to long term contracts, represents a major coup for a club whose kudos has been tarnished with the departures of Fabregas, Nasri and van Persie in the prime of their careers.

But the deals done for these two could well outweigh the loss of any former stars. soccersweep believes that, in Chamberlain and Wilshere, Arsenal have two genuine top tier talents – players who will be regarded, by all, as world class in the next few years. Players who would already command transfer fees of around £30m each. And players with over a decade left in the legs.

Indeed the club yesterday re-signed 5 British youngsters who have committed to becoming Arsenal’s core over the next 10 years. This parade of coltish brilliance reminded a growing throng of Arsene Wenger critics of the superb job he has done in signing and nurturing some of the best young talent that these isles have produced – despite fierce competition from other, bigger spending clubs.

Ramsey, Jenkinson, Chamberlain, Wilshere and Gibbs will all make the grade at Arsenal and form a vital, home grown core that will ensure The Gunners retain and develop a great fighting spirit. The club is supposed to be struggling but you would struggle to show me a better group of youngsters at any one club in the EPL.

Arsenal fans may be underwhelmed by this news and would prefer to see new, big money signings. But the significance of these contracts should not be understated. For even if Wenger did or could spend £40m on one player, he would still struggle to find anyone as good as Wilshere or The Ox.

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