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Published on December 20th, 2012 | by soccersweep


Done Deals: Arsenal sign 2 ‘Worldies’

Courtesy of theweek.co.uk

Pic courtesy of theweek.co.uk

Amidst the uncertainty at Arsenal, a ray of blinding light. The signings of The Ox and Jack Wilshere, to long term contracts, represents a major coup for a club whose kudos has been tarnished with the departures of Fabregas, Nasri and van Persie in the prime of their careers.

But the deals done for these two could well outweigh the loss of any former stars. soccersweep believes that, in Chamberlain and Wilshere, Arsenal have two genuine top tier talents – players who will be regarded, by all, as world class in the next few years. Players who would already command transfer fees of around £30m each. And players with over a decade left in the legs.

Indeed the club yesterday re-signed 5 British youngsters who have committed to becoming Arsenal’s core over the next 10 years. This parade of coltish brilliance reminded a growing throng of Arsene Wenger critics of the superb job he has done in signing and nurturing some of the best young talent that these isles have produced – despite fierce competition from other, bigger spending clubs.

Ramsey, Jenkinson, Chamberlain, Wilshere and Gibbs will all make the grade at Arsenal and form a vital, home grown core that will ensure The Gunners retain and develop a great fighting spirit. The club is supposed to be struggling but you would struggle to show me a better group of youngsters at any one club in the EPL.

Arsenal fans may be underwhelmed by this news and would prefer to see new, big money signings. But the significance of these contracts should not be understated. For even if Wenger did or could spend £40m on one player, he would still struggle to find anyone as good as Wilshere or The Ox.

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19 Responses to Done Deals: Arsenal sign 2 ‘Worldies’

  1. nooj says:

    well its pretty good he did that but we want to see him sign a real goal machine in person of Falcao while cant wenger go for him if we are to beat Bayern Munich on the champions league could write off the pains we arsenal fans have gone through over the years.

  2. DH says:

    The signings of The Ox and Jack Wilshere, to long term contracts, represents a major coup for a club who’s kudos has been tarnished”.

    “Whose” not “who’s” you sorry excuse for a journalist.

    • Phil Clement says:

      Cheap shot. Nothing constructive to say? Saddo.
      Nice article, we need some medium term planning and these signings are a great step forward. Short term planning is also required however so let’s hope for some equally good steps in January.

  3. Me i do believe even without sighning we’re cabable of beating bayarn,also i believ in five british that have extend their contruct thea r da best of gunners.request if posible wenger bring in lorent fenardo,Huntiler,Holt and zaha.

  4. jonathan says:

    just get walcott the deal. then i will clap.

  5. Alaska says:

    It is good and we appreciate. And this is not our major problem. Our real problem is to get goal machine.. Lyk cavanni, falcao,dzeko,huntella etc

  6. rabiu_gunner says:

    what is gud in ramsay? We lost or draw wen eva he start. WE dnt need him 4 future. As 4 needed goal machine, walcott would do provided he is playd in positn he has bn clamouring to b playd. Lastly guys, am tird of wenger’s tactics. Let him leave may b wit a fake illness like cancer of heart whatever so dat Bould can take charge b4 we find a gud rplacemnt. Gud9t

  7. Simon says:

    Good news,but our finishing is poor.we need grt strikers.

  8. mcmillane says:

    wilshere&ox are great talents bt they nid a quality holding midfielder&striker 2 get the best out of them.i.e victor wanyama,noccerino,cavani,benzema,hugain.

  9. Emmanuel says:

    It is good but we need big player becus arsenal fc is not a school footbal,wenger shul spent money 2 brin star in arsenal,or he shul leave i don even like him for 8years trophyles.go!go!!go!!!wenger losser killer.

  10. collins says:


  11. Bjohnson says:

    I am glad that Wilshere signed a new contract, however I am very annoyed that Arsenal have extended Ramseys contract – a very average player at best. He would Not get into any of the top 6 teams in he premiership. I also hope Walcott does NOT sign. We can then hopefully get a consistent player.

  12. auwal sk says:

    Well bravo asene wenger……stp bn stingy man..go gt us playas lyk cavani,villa,giovonco o falcao..all ü do s myk alota excuses erry season…wtf I think s time fo ü t go sef..so pissd off mhn

  13. hyer B says:

    Arsenal board n AW has killed d club so if u ask me nothin gud shud b xpected.God bless arsena n alisher usmanov.

  14. Festus says:

    Not happy renewing ramsy contract

  15. bello says:

    if theo wants striking role plus around 100k per week why not sell chamark,djourou and theo and bring in falcao and we can give him 150 to 170 per week.it is more reasonable that way as we have a lot of accademy platers better than this lot.

  16. Byron says:

    Gud one,but u mst sgn us a point n kill strika.faliur 2 do so,then lve d club 4 a trophy-minded mger nt profit-minded only.

  17. ekitoe paul Lomor says:

    Arsene wenger should go for scoring machine guz like falcao, Klaar Huntelar, cavani, David villa etc. if and only if we want to win for Trophies. Otherwise playing tactics games will not assist us neither demolirizing the faith we have in Him.

  18. So that makes them better does it?, will still go yet another season without lifting a cup..

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