Manchester United: Valencia importance questioned

The Guardian yesterday went with an article which spoke of the changing trends in football tactics and formations. The theory is that ‘dazzling wide men’ are becoming largely obsolete and that two-touch football, played out by more technical middle men in narrower formations, is becoming prevalent.

It’s hard to argue with the meat of this concept, nor would we want to. Many prominent European clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester City and even Manchester United seem to be following the Barcelona template and replacing their man mountains, one by one, with smaller, fleet-footed maestros. We welcome it. It’s great for the game as a spectacle.

We agree with our preferred publication in so far as you are less likely to see tricky wingers tearing up the flanks these days. But there is one massive oversight in the article. One opinion that we just aren’t having.

Antonio Valencia, such a consistent source of danger down the right during the season following his move from Wigan, has failed to recapture a regular starting place since breaking his ankle in a Champions League match against Rangers two years ago and is as likely to be employed as a stop-gap right-back as in his old position.’

Are you sure? Can you imagine Fergie’s response to the idea that one of his and Manchester United’s most deadly weapons, a man in his absolute prime, is regarded as little more than a utility player? I’d love to hear what Manchester United fans think about this. Cos we’re not havin it I tells ya…..

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