Have Manchester United found the next Ronaldo?

Have Manchester United found the next Ronaldo?


He’s only 16 and won’t be able to join Manchester United for another couple of years, but Bruno Gomes already looks like a wonderful player with a rare sense of invention.

Sir Alex Ferguson has had the youngster over in Manchester recently for some training sessions with a view to tieing up a deal when the Brazilian reaches adulthood. If this video is a true representation of the player then the transfer can’t come soon enough. This kid looks very special indeed. A future Manchester United legend? He certainly seems keen on joining up with Manchester United as soon as possible and spoke enthusiastically to Old Trafford Brasil about his time training with the club.

‘Here we have breakfast and lunch along with first team players. We also train in the same place, in separate fields, but we watch their training sessions from some distance. It was great to be at the same table as Giggs or Rooney, isn’t it? You can imagine how I felt! 

It is wonderful. I really wanted to be able to wear the Reds kit now! It’s great to see what the club means wordwide, I’m really happy. I hope to really be a United player soon, officially.’

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Manchester United seems the likely next destination for the youngster with the dazzling footwork.

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