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Manchester City’s one man army challenges United’s dominance




The recent behaviour of Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has drawn polemic responses. Whilst some find his touchline antics brave and empire challenging, others think he’s taking it all a bit too far by starting brawls on the touchline with anyone who fancies themselves. The Manchester City boss is clearly a very bad loser – but this is surely one of the main ingredients for managerial success in the modern game.

The best brawl of the lot has to be the Moyes melee. Personally, I wouldn’t muck about with Moyesy who, some claim, can stop your heart with a solitary stare. Then we have the Sparky spat which actually looks more like a young lover’s tiff. And, much to the delight of the Manchester City faithful, not even Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is exempt from Mancini’s ire.

Actually we think it’s refreshing to see someone flout tradition. I bet even Sir Alex is quietly impressed by the Italian’s gumption in trying to halt the Manchester United machine. Many think that success is a given with the money available at Manchester City. But Real Madrid have similar stacks of cash and have still struggled to match their main rivals Barcelona, let alone conquer Europe. Regardless of your club’s wealth you still need a top man at the helm and Mancini has done a superb job at City, buying brilliantly and showing tactical innovation and genius.

You will now struggle, and most likely fail, to find more world class individuals in one team anywhere else in the world. When everything clicks for City this season we could see them raise the bar again. And, despite their unfortunate loss to Real Madrid in The Champions League earlier this month, expect to see them in the latter stages of the competition come spring.

For any club to challenge Manchester United’s long term supremacy, they need continuity at the helm. Roberto Mancini might well be the man for the job.

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