Manchester United – the goal of the season?

Manchester United – the goal of the season?


Anyone know a decent illustrator?


soccersweep has such powers of prophesy (others simply call it arrogance) that we don’t even really need to watch the new season. We think that we already know what the best goal is going to look like.

It just seems pre-ordained. Manchester United are defending on their own 18 yard line. Nemanja Vidic puts in a tackle that would have him serving serious time if he did it in the street. The ball squirts out to Wayne Rooney who, as usual, is playing in every position for Manchester United. Rooney looks up to see actual smoke coming off Antonio Valencia’s heels – such is the speed of the seldom smiling South American.

Wazza immediately pings a Scholesesque 60 yarder, diagonally to his right and into the path of the blinding winger.

Now this is where we are a little hazy. Valencia will probably let the ball bounce once but he might even volley it first time, such is the precision of the Rooney pass. Anyway Valencia lofts a cross from the right hand side into the path of an on rushing Robin van Persie. van Persie, coming in from the left, doesn’t need to break stride as he unleashes a blistering, 30 yard, left footed volley into the top left/right hand corner of the net.

What a goal! The fans are agog. The commentators are agog. The players are even agog. In short, everyone is agog.

Are you agog?



  1. i belieave dat RVP will do well wt rooney combination n kagawa wt nani n valencia in front,watch out on monday 8:45 p.m i,m happy to see this team nxt season crown premier leauge well don baba @ 72 sirrrrr alexx cary on?