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Manchester United in for wing whizz-kid?

If all the speculation is to be believed Manchester United will be starting next season with at least 2000 players in their squad. Is that legal? Fergie needs to get a grip because there are only so many New Messis, South American Ronaldos, Asian Drogbas, faster Sheringhams and more honest John Terrys that you can squeeze into your training ground, however big.

Today’s objet desire is Porto’s 19 year old whizz kid James Rodriguez. The Colombian has been likened to the aforementioned Cristiano Ronaldo because he’s a tricky winger who’s lightning quick, scores goals (49 in 171 fledgling professional appearances) and is stronger than a line of his country’s national product.

Rodriguez himself has fanned the flames of football fans’ fervour by expressing a desire to play for the Red Devils.

I am only focused on Porto at the moment but I could not reject to play for Manchester United. It would please me.”  He told Colombian publication Nuevo Estadio.

His soccersweep YouTube rating is 6.5 – he looks decent in the videos but, let’s face it, I could make John McCririck look like Pele with enough footage and a snyde copy of Final Cut Pro. You make up your own mind about the lad. I’m just the messenger.











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