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Could Tevez go back to United?




So there is a theory that what Manchester Untied actually need, to reinvigorate and complete them, is another Wayne Rooney. That’s two Wayne Rooneys. The England forward is clearly the best attacker at Manchester United and when, earlier in the season, Sir Alex Ferguson asked him to play deeper, he became the club’s best midfielder also. The argument raged as to which position he served best but it was impossible to answer this question because, in truth, he was sublime in both.

Let’s fast forward a bit to reality and state that of course, the world doesn’t possess two Wayne Rooneys – and nor do United. But, in Carlos Tevez, you have the closest thing to a duplicate of the superb, stocky but silky scouser.

Tevez was excellent in his first stint at Manchester United but couldn’t hold down a place because Ferguson and many, similarly confused others, still thought that Dimitar Berbatov was a good player and just needed time.  Manchester United made too small an effort, too late in the day to keep the industrious and, at times ingenious Argentinian so Tevez twisted the knife in and joined the revolution at Manchester City. If he was excellent at United, he kicked on still further at Manchester City to become regularly unplayable. From exciting to essential. At Manchester City Carlos Tevez matured into a match winner.

Let’s face it, he’s never been particularly happy on England’s shores. His wife and kids are thousands of miles away and it seemed that no sooner had he become Manchester City’s best player than he started agitating for a move again. His great friend at United, Patrice Evra, confused matters still further by stating that Carlito’s heart was actually still at United.

In short Carlos Tevez will, sooner or later, take his final, whopping paycheck from the English Premier League and return to his roots – utterly minted by thirty.  In the meantime, his move to either of the Milan clubs seems in doubt. So, if he’s got to stay in England, why not complete the cycle of hate and return to Manchester United? He’s the sort of player that Manchester United are currently desperate for. If he came, Rooney could drop back to midfield more often and United would hardly feel his loss in attack because Tevez could maraud and bulldoze instead.

Tevez to United would be a remarkable new chapter in an already improbable tale, but while many question the temperament of the man, few could doubt the quality of the player –  and how Manchester United could proffer from such a signing, even in the short term.

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