Jurgen Klopp leaps to Rooney’s defence with bizarre anecdote

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Wayne Rooney’s antics this week have divided opinion even more than his performances on the pitch.

The England star was pictured out drinking after the Three Lions’ 3-0 win over Scotland and has been slammed in some quarters for behaving inappropriately.

Elsewhere, though, Jurgen Klopp is among the many to defend the 31-year-old’s celebrations.

The Liverpool boss might be an unlikely ally for the Manchester United captain, but he clearly sees no harm in the former Everton man having a drink after the game.

In fact, to illustrate his point, Klopp came up with a rather strange anecdote of his own dating back to his time in the Bundesliga.

The Anfield manager told the Liverpool Echo a tale of a night out while he was still in charge of German club Mainz, but didn’t want to be spotted by fans.

“We had a Christmas break and friends of ours wanted to have a party in the city,” he said.

“Nobody saw me because I had a mask. It was Santa Claus.

“I didn’t feel too good, but I needed a little bit of help and I went out. I did it.

“Then at the end there was one point when you are a little bit drunk, so I lifted the mask and then the next thing there is a picture.


“The next day (German newspaper) Bild said: ‘That’s how Klopp celebrates being 18th’. It is not actually like I celebrated but it was the picture. This happens and you go on.”

Rooney has apologised for his Friday session, to the fans, the FA, and England interim boss Gareth Southgate, who must have concerns over the authority he holds over his temporary players.

It’s raised a new debate about alcohol in football, but if Klopp’s attitude is anything to go by, it seems the Rooney issue has been blown out of all proportion.

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