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Aston Villa: Remi Garde gives very interesting transfer update

Debuchy would be a superb signing on loan or otherwise


Such is the passion amongst Aston Villa supporters that we have struggled to write much about them this year. There are so few positives to take that we just didn’t have the heart!

And things haven’t changed much under new manager Remi Garde with Aston Villa still marooned adrift at the foot of the league with 1 win and 14 defeats this season.

January, you sense, will be a huge month in the future of Aston Villa. Without some canny acquisitions Aston Villa could lose their top flight status.

And, to that end, the boss has been quoted as saying that he is searching far and wide.

On Loic Remy:

“Last week I told you of my interest in Loic and I upset the Chelsea manager so today I will say nothing,”

He also spoke about a very exciting potential signing, Mathieu Debuhcy, who has been really unlucky at Arsenal, first with a very easy injury and then with the rise to prominence of the brilliant Hector Bellerin:

“I had a conversation with Arsene Wenger two days ago about certain players, Debuchy was one of them.

Debuchy would be a superb signing on loan or otherwise

Debuchy would be a superb signing on loan or otherwise

In general was candid about how much time an effort he is spending on looking for players:

“I am spending hours every day searching for players, I am looking for balance between English and foreign players but sometimes the price dictates this.”

We need fresh players to regenerate this group. Sometimes the spark needs to come from outside. Hopefully this is what will happen in the transfer window.

Clearly he understands the importance of investment this month at Aston Villa.

Let’s take a look at Debuchy in action.

Aston Villa fans: would this be a super acquisition or is Garde wasting time on the wrong areas?


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Laudrup

    Jan 7, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    Compared to what’s at club,is their any one willing to come to
    aClub in chaos. Beggars can’t be etc.

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