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LvG is playing Manchester United’s best creator out of position

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Do the right thing

We have all heard the sound bites coming out of Old Trafford over the last few days about Manchester United’s need for more pace and creativity.

Louis van Gaal has bemoaned his attacking options despite spending over £200m in little more than a year.

We agree that Manchester United are lacking pace as a squad.

But surely one of the answers is to play Memphis Depay out wide?

He is the one player in the squad with devastating pace and power – Luke Shaw is also very quick but not a forward.

In pre-seaosn LvG didn’t give Depay any minutes on the wing and – despite a few lovely flicks – he struggled to get into the games.

Depay scored 22 goals last season, but mainly playing as a winger.

Depay: Get him out wide Louis

Depay: Get him out wide Louis

Out wide he has more room to express himself, more space to exploit behind defenders and more opptunites to use his creativity for Manchester United.

Louis is concerend about a lack of pace. But what little he has, he is currently using through the middle where play is congested and there is much less room to manouevre.

Van Gaal is clearly a top tactician who got the most out of his squad last season.

But he should surely be playing Mata at number 10, with Depay out wide. If Pedro joins the club he can play on the other flank and the attack will have cutting edge and pace once more.

Manchester United fans: what do you think?



  1. Peter Evans

    Aug 2, 2015 at 7:55 pm

    Am I the only person to think that Man Utd’s weakest link is its Manager? Last season, matches were lost because he never allowed his players time to settle down into a favoured position. He rarely made the changes necessary during a match to secure a win, something that Ferguson excelled in. Nor has he shown sufficient rapport with his new signings to have the faith to play them more. We know that Di Maria and Falcao are world class but neither was really given sufficient playing time outside injury to settle down. Now both leave at a loss to the Club. Ashley Young was one of the better players for United last season and yet still he has not been offered a renewed contract so could end up leaving. And relations between Van Gaal and De Gea don’t seem to be great either. United’s fragile defence last season gave De Gea the opportunity to develop into a world-class goalkeeper. Valdes was to be his substitute. Now both look like leaving. Man management must have something to do with all of this.

  2. Graham West

    Aug 2, 2015 at 9:42 pm

    I cant argue with much that Peter has said….
    Pace and Power, Pace and power…. thats what great wingers can bring – Ryan Giggs, Cristiano Ronaldo, Angel Di Maria….Memphis Depay…play players in their natural positions. Where is Rooney most deadly, a little bit like Paul Scholes, the predator behind the main target. Do Man Utd need a new frontman, in my view yes (its like winger United at the moment) In a heartbeat I’d bring Ibrahimovic in – someone to put the fear of god into centre halves: if you look at the moment, one of two things scares them – power or electrifying pace. Man Utd are getting the pace, but still lack that powerful presence – Drogba has been a legend at it…. While I agree a limited player – Fellani does add something…..and his elbows would scare anyone.
    In my humble view: Man Utd need a Centre Half – to really take charge, and a Centre Forward to complement Rooney/Wilson, with Hernandez as the predatory sub.

    As a random observation – why do so many foreign teams ‘press’ and shut creativity down, and yet Man Utd don’t really press and get at a team until they get into Man Utd’s half?

  3. julius chanengeta

    Aug 2, 2015 at 11:50 pm

    Comment:OMG you guys have said it surely appears Van Gaal doesnt really know what he wants let alone what he is doing.Why does he keep buying wingers and not doing anything to strengthen our rail defence.Surely if he intends to play Jones and Blind as center backs then we are doomed…and buying Romero was really pathetic .the guy was released by Sampdoria for crying out loud.i think Van Gaal must go…he frustrates the hell out of me.$220 million later he still doesnt have th right players? ????.,who is to blame.Otamendi was available but he chose to ignore himm and focus on players like Alves and Ramos whom everyone knew prior that they would nvr ever move….bollocks.

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