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Manchester United: Another total waste of money linked

Judging by Louis van Gaal’s record in the transfer market last summer, Manchester United fans will probably be pretty happy, overall, with their purchases this summer.

But Manchester United fans generally don’t appreciate it when the club signs expensive short-term solutions who will cost a lot of money and only be around for a yea for so. What’s the point in that?

Robin van Persie was 28 when he came in and he pretty much won Manchester United their last league so you would have to say he was worth the £23m or so that was paid for him, even though his following two years where less spectacular and he now looks rather spent.

But the persistent stories that Manchester United will go for Dani Alves leave us in a cold sweat. The Telegraph is the latest to suggest that Manchester United have Alves on their transfer shortlist.

Noone doubts the class of the lad or the fact that he would add experience to the defence in the short-term. But the lad is 32 and he would expect a fortune in wages even if he did come on a free.

Ageing superstar for sale

Ageing superstar for sale

FINAL WORD: Wouldn’t it be much better to invest the money in a player who can potentially give a decade of service to the club, even if they aren’t quite put up to the standard of Alves right now? We would much sooner see Nathaniel Clyne – a talented, home grown player – join the club than a decorated superstar who is looking for one last pay cheque. Indeed, we would rather give Rafael da Silva another chance to shine than to sign such a short-term solution. Manchester United need to build for the next period of dominance not for short-term gain at huge expense.

Let’s take a look at the lad in action. Manchester United fans: would you be happy with this purchase?


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Noble

    May 27, 2015 at 6:42 am

    Hey moron, it’s a free transfer for a world class player who may well help Barcelona win the champions league on June 6. Only an idiot would pass up the chance to sign him. Odds are he has 2-3 top level years left in him and Manchester United could use a proper high level right back at the moment. Wages are trivial considering what he brings to the table and that he will cost nothing in transfer costs.

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