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Video: Manchester United man smashed on free booze at the end of season awards ceremony?


Strong coffee for the gentleman

After a couple of months in charge of Manchester United, Louis van Gaal looked like a ghost, as the size of the task dawned on him. Not only was he stepping into a new league as a manager, but he was stepping into arguably the toughest league in the world with a club which demanded immediate success.

Louis looks decidedly drawn in the Autumn

Louis looks decidedly drawn in the Autumn

Around the turn of the year the players arguably began to understand him and he began to understand not only the league, but the fact that Manchester United were expected to win every single week.

You do feel that if anyone can take Manchester United back to the top, playing attractive football, it is him.

But it’s been a baptism of fire and if anyone deserved to get wasted at Manchester United’s end of year awards bash, it was surely Louis.

The video clip, shown by The Telegraph, shows a man in full flow and clearly enjoying the free drinks on offer at the ceremony.

But his tipsiness will do little to reduce his overall popularity as Manchester United manager. After a year in which David Moyes arguably drained the club of watchability, it is at least exciting to watch Manchester United again.

So here’s that video we promised.


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