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‘I don’t think it’s good for the players’ says Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal as he gets used to the frantic nature of The Premier League



It is widely regarded by fans as one of the best times in the English football calendar. The Christmas period not only brings festivity but festive footy.

While other countries take break for a fortnight The Premier League sees more concentrated football than at any other time. And while it makes great viewing for the fans, it’s regularly detailed as a major reason for England’s persistent failure at big tournaments.

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal also seems less than enthused about it. He said:

“I don’t think it’s good for the football players that they play within two days another match. In December, it shall be like that. We also have families.

“I also have a wife and kids and grandchildren and I cannot see them this Christmas. But, I want to work in the Premier League, I have to adapt and I shall adapt. I don’t think it is good for players, or for the families.”

Football is like a drug to the English followers and taking away festive football would be a big wrench. But it could well be a factor in England’s demise and it certainly doesn’t make The Premier League any more tempting for foreign imports.

That said the true lovers of the game should want to play all the time. We bet that Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney, for one, would hate the idea of a Christmas break.

But, sooner or later, we may have to accept that the Christmas programme of football is going become less concentrated at the very least.

Manchester United fans: does Christmas football damage the chances of the national team. And do you care?

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