Manchester United: €34.7m Star agrees to big move – report

There is a sense that Manchester United may streamline their squad slightly, in view of the fact that they won’t be competing in The Champions League this season.

Indeed, you would be amazed if Manchester United didn’t get rid of some of the dead wood this summer.

And reports over the last few days have been intensifying about the potential departures of Marouane Fellaini and Javier Hernandez.

We believe that most Manchester United fans would be more than happy to see the back of the big Belgian, who had a dreadful first season at the club. Even if his form were to improve massively, it’s still highly debatable whether he has the technique to be a top level Manchester United player. Fellaini joined the club a year ago for a ludicrous €34.7m (£27.5m) and United would count themselves lucky to get half of that back now.

The Express states on Wednesday that Fellaini has agreed to join Napoli.

Man Utd flop Marouane Fellaini says YES to Napoli move

MAROUANE FELLAINI is ready to end his Manchester United hell and join Napoli.

The case of Javier Hernandez is more complicated. After a blistering first season at Manchester United it seemed inconceivable that the player would ever be sold. But his form has tailed off somewhat and he clearly wants more starts then he is currently getting.

Nevertheless Chicharito remains a fan favourite at Manchester United. The Daily Mail reckons that a deal to Atletico madrid could be close and their manager has done nothing to quell the speculation.

Simeone said: ‘He’s a vertical player, he’s great in one-on-one situations and he’s someone who could be useful to any team.

‘We are speaking to the sporting directors about the type of player we want and then it’s up to them to bring the player in.

‘With Javier Hernandez and lots of other great players, anything is possible. We can’t close any door until the transfer window shuts.’

We feel that both will be on their way this summer but they will leave more holes to fill in the squad.

Let’s see some of Chicharito’s highlights. Manchester United fans: A wise move to get rid?