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Manchester United: €34.7m Star agrees to big move – report

There is a sense that Manchester United may streamline their squad slightly, in view of the fact that they won’t be competing in The Champions League this season.

Indeed, you would be amazed if Manchester United didn’t get rid of some of the dead wood this summer.

And reports over the last few days have been intensifying about the potential departures of Marouane Fellaini and Javier Hernandez.

We believe that most Manchester United fans would be more than happy to see the back of the big Belgian, who had a dreadful first season at the club. Even if his form were to improve massively, it’s still highly debatable whether he has the technique to be a top level Manchester United player. Fellaini joined the club a year ago for a ludicrous €34.7m (£27.5m) and United would count themselves lucky to get half of that back now.

The Express states on Wednesday that Fellaini has agreed to join Napoli.

Man Utd flop Marouane Fellaini says YES to Napoli move

MAROUANE FELLAINI is ready to end his Manchester United hell and join Napoli.

The case of Javier Hernandez is more complicated. After a blistering first season at Manchester United it seemed inconceivable that the player would ever be sold. But his form has tailed off somewhat and he clearly wants more starts then he is currently getting.

Nevertheless Chicharito remains a fan favourite at Manchester United. The Daily Mail reckons that a deal to Atletico madrid could be close and their manager has done nothing to quell the speculation.

Simeone said: ‘He’s a vertical player, he’s great in one-on-one situations and he’s someone who could be useful to any team.

‘We are speaking to the sporting directors about the type of player we want and then it’s up to them to bring the player in.

‘With Javier Hernandez and lots of other great players, anything is possible. We can’t close any door until the transfer window shuts.’

We feel that both will be on their way this summer but they will leave more holes to fill in the squad.

Let’s see some of Chicharito’s highlights. Manchester United fans: A wise move to get rid?


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36 Responses to Manchester United: €34.7m Star agrees to big move – report

  1. up united i lik to see new united

  2. Proof Loriroof says:

    Loan Chicarito and bring in Cavani.We need a real back up if either Waza or RVP gets injured or out of form.Welbeck is not made yet and he possess little treath to big oppositions

  3. Proof Loriroof says:

    I just hope the Vidal deal is for real this time.It’s been awfully frustrating

  4. xmoyo says:

    fellain, nani, anderson they must and bring in Vidal,cavan,hummels and vermalein.

  5. Andrew abafokhare says:

    We need defenders like hummels,varane or vermealen

  6. Alexa says:

    cavan is willing,maria is desperate,miranda is on sale,cuadrado is available too.when wil u get vidal,vrij,vermalen and the above and yet no time and the EPL is 2weeks tym to start?

  7. chiboy says:

    loan chicharito and bring in Cavan and Vidal.

  8. Lewis Fabio says:

    Forget Di Maria and Cavani , they are too expensive , Sign Juan Guadrado and Possibly Reus, Sign Vidal And Strootman and Calvalho , sell Fletcher, Young, Valencia, Nani and Cleverly , Offer Kagawa to Dortmund in exchange for Hummels .

  9. Myk says:

    Sell Fellani, loan Chicharito, bring in Di’ Maria, Vital and Hummel

  10. kingsley says:

    i dn’t wt man u to sale Chicharito b/c he is one of d best player in man u.

  11. Uuwako says:

    We vidal and cavini

  12. Uuwako says:

    We want vidal and cavani

  13. iamlegend says:

    Really want cavani and vidal,chicharito should stay

  14. seric says:

    we need di maria or marco reus , vidal,hummels,and vermalein

  15. innocent says:

    Let’s have a new united,the ones that didnt fit in let them leave for others.

  16. Chuksemstar says:

    we r gud nw but atleast let thm give us reus, nd hummels other than vidal

  17. felix kalala choweni says:

    Nani,Anderson,Fellani, Chicharito,Young should go. Vidal, Cavan,Vemalain should come.

    • kyawzaw says:

      l agree your release.But should be signed vidal,vermalen,di maria,marco reus and willian carvalho.Not carvani,now his performent is very low.And also,marco reus can play forwards and shadow striker.

  18. paulmdprince a.k.a CHIEF SPRINCE (etutekpe) boy, make una feel me all okpo nd etutekpe pple. says:

    I tink we shud offload fellaini, anderson nd some others 2 bring in fresh bloods.

  19. haylugee says:

    Vidal, Di maria, vamalein, Mat humels, should Come to United in my own opinion I still prefer Chicharito to Cavani. Fellaini, Nani, Young, should go. Meanwhile Valencia style of play can fit into 3-5-2 formation cuz he can attack and also defend from d flank. Finally I think Kagawa can be a back up option for Mata and herahera.

  20. Ulokson says:

    Young,anderson,fletcher,nani&valencia shld go sign vidal,hummel n williams carvoho

  21. Sell fellaini,anderson,nani,young…loan welbek or hernandez…bring in reus,vidal,hummes and strootman…but kagawa shud stay at all cost even if that mean hummels wont be that case,sign vermalen alternatively

  22. Daniel Abang says:

    Hummel, Vidal should come in but Chicarito should remain.

  23. reach says:

    nani,Fletcher,kagawa,cleve,rly,fellani,a vidal,cavan.iam frm uganda E.f.callme+256788967092

  24. Amanya godfrey says:

    Vidal~two defenders

  25. Paul says:

    Some serious over the top unrealistic expectations looking to be satisfied here. Not only has vidal said he is happy at the italian giants, the club itself have no desire to sell a concrete first team presence. Reus and hummels are part of a club who have supposobly said they are not willing to sell, with both players more likely to settle for a trip to bayern. Vermaelen is realistic, but lacks consistent form and class to control a defence which is from what has been suggested only made up of three players. Last but not least cavani and de maria, with rooney and van persie why would cavani even consider a move to manchester. He was supposibly upset by playing a secound string role to zlaran, so to even imagine the thought that he would be happy with no promise of first team football would be a complete impossibility. As for de maria, money talks and the premiership intimidates. He will find his safe, easy and more profitable future in france with PSG. But all in all you have to look at this from a finiancial point of view. Financial fair play is a forever tightning noose, manchester united have never spent the type of money that would come close to the overhall of the squad everyone expects. An although theres no doubt in the pulling power of can gaal, ed woodword hasnt got the experience nor the talent required to pull off the rumoured deals against high profile oposition. But again machester united fans will be faced with endless frustrations in the transfer window.

  26. plz plz plz n please….,bring us vidal di maria.hummelz n reus.n dnt allw hernandez 2 welbeck..sell young smalling and nani plzzz

  27. victor says:

    Some soccer fan can be very funny sometimes. Listen to this statement. Sign Vidal, William carvalho, Kevin strootman, Marcus reus, Matt Hummels, vermaleen. Now who will be on the bench in a club that can not offer champions league football this season? For me, united should go for a young talented player that is committed and ready to fight and improve the team in plenty of years to come. rather than paying an outragious amount of money to players who can only offer you only three years and they are done. United all the way.

  28. Albert says:

    These big shot players like Cavani, Di Maria,Vidal etc..want to plunder our club having known that we are on the desperate end. We need Nigel De Jong,Bastian and Vamalean.LVG should sharpen Evans,Jones and Smalling

  29. Unionjack says:

    Ive lost count of all the players thats been linked with Chelsea this open season. Im suprised tho we havent had the anual Hulk connection yet.
    Youve got to remember tat agents and the players themselves leak gossip trying to cause a stir and some media hype either to see how the water feels or to drive their price up in some false bidding frenzy.
    Ive stopped listening to all the rumours. Its bad on the nerves.

  30. Berts Oka says:

    Sign Reus, Mats, Cuadrado, Di maria $ Verminator 4get of Vidal he thiks he the best player in world, Let Young, Nani, Anderson, Fellaine go. Manutd for life.

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