Is this Manchester United’s next Ronaldo?

Is this Manchester United’s next Ronaldo?


It’s amazing the difference that a new manager can make. After just two games of pre-season under Louis van Gaal Manchester United look like a completely different beast again.

They once more look to have all the swagger, purpose and forward thrust that we remember from the heyday under Sir Alex Ferguson.

We are full of confidence that Manchester United are once more going in the right direction.

But every top Manchester United side over the last 25 years has had a player with real fairy dust in their feet. Manchester United have flair players like Rooney, Mata and the brilliant young Adnan Januzaj.

But we feel that, if this is truly to be the start of a new period of glory for Manchester United, then they need to recruit a really dazzling player – someone with mercurial talent who can get Manchester United fans out of their seats on a weekly basis.

Assessing the market there aren’t too many of them about. And most of those have been snapped up by Barca and Real Madrid.

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But there is one really magical young player out there who looks set for a move to a bigger club before long. And the great thing is that Louis van Gaal is in a perfect position to sign the player.

Holland international Memphis Depay has been nicknamed ‘The Dutch Ronaldo’. And he doesn’t look like the sort of player who would allow that tag to weigh heavy around his neck. This is a guy who wants the world to know about his inordinate talent.

He’s got all of the ingredients to be a real superstar. Pace to burn, lightning fast feet, power in his shot, and possibly most importantly, a football brain. Of course, at the age of 20, there are still times when he makes the wrong decision but he looks like a player who could be moulded into one of the best.

Even in his earlier days at Manchester United Ronaldo was vital to the team because he offered an ‘out ball’ when the team was under pressure. He had the pace and trickery to carry the ball up the park and keep it for long enough to allow his team to push up and find their shape.

Manchester United don’t have anyone with the pace and skill to do that right now. Depay would be the perfect addition, but not just for this reason. Sure, some of the keepers in Holland look drunk but Depay still has a sensational shot on him.

He’s the Hollywood signing that the fans crave and the club needs. We think that Manchester United could be looking at the next Ronnie if they bring him in.

Let’s see him in action. Manchester United fans – keen?




  1. Sorry feller but Adnan Januzaj is the new Ronaldo, our really dazzling player, our super kid that makes things happy, our Hollywood player. Januzaj makes people get up when ever he haves the ball, the tricks, the flicks, step overs, dribbles, goals, assists, crosses, the sheer talent makes you stand up and cheer. Januzaj is the total player and at 19 years old he is only going to get better. Our new #7, if there is justice as Januzaj deserves this shirt.

  2. Sorry feller but Adnan Januzaj is our new Ronaldo. Ii don’t know what you been watching as everything you said on depay we already have in Januzaj, Januzaj haves lightning quick feet, pace to burn, power in his shots, he haves the flicks, the tricks, the ability to take on opponent’s, spot a pass and a footballing brain. Januzaj is a Hollywood style player, someone that gets the fans off the seats, he is the leading spark of our bright future. Januzaj should be our new #7.

  3. LVG dont mis dis guy o .. He is capable of being the new ronaldo due to to pattern of play ,…we need him in utd

  4. I haven’t watched Depay apart from his cameo wc appearences but surely he could be a good additive, ofcourse not necessarily go our newly introduced 3-5-2,but entirely to lvg’s squad