Manchester United to spend big or risk the abyss – 5 signings that can make the difference

Manchester United may be unhappy about paying what they consider over the odds for football talent this summer. The reported cooling of interest over Arturo Vidal, due to the price, suggests that Manchester United still feel that they can sign the cream of Europe this summer.

So it’s time for a wake up call!

Manchester United are not in The Champions League – the competition which every top player aspires to.

So, if they have to pay a little extra in order to snare the sorts of players who can provide an immediate return to the competition then spend they must. Because the alternative is too frightening to imagine.

Of course the money in football these days is ridiculous. But that’s the status quo. And if Manchester United don’t spend big this summer they may find that their challenge even greater next year.

So here’s who soccersweep feels Manchester United can and should sign ASAP.

Arturo Vidal – Case in point. The player has name checked the club this week and seems open to a move.

ā€œIā€™m already at a great team, Juventus, so I will be just as calm if the Manchester United option falls through.ā€

There’s very little not to like about him and he’s easily good enough for a sluggish and decaying Manchester United midfield. It would be madness not to sign him for the sake of a few mill.

Inigo Martinez – Not often mentioned in relation to a Manchester United transfer but this young Real Sociedad centre back is absolute mustard. The 23 year old would be an excellent addition to the squad – a highly skillful and buccaneering defender.

Mats Hummels – Martinez would bring youth and tenacity but Mats Hummels would offer Manchester United experience and authority. Still only 25 years of age but you would have thought he was older because he’s so composed and such a canny operator in the centre of the defence. A must sign.

Marco Reus – it is difficult to think of a more two-footed player in the top leagues right now. The Dortmund forward would not come cheap but would be worth every penny, adding the creative spark and class that has been so lacking from Manchester United’s wide play over the last couple of years. Forget Di Maria. This guy is one of the best players in Europe.

Ross Barkley – Manchester United are going to need a totemic player to take the club forward (literally and figuratively) for the next 10 years. Wayne Rooney has done brilliantly and Ross Barkley should take the baton next. This lad can be anything he wants.

Let’s see Inigo Martinez in action. Manchester United fans: who does the club need to sign most?