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Published on July 16th, 2014 | by soccersweep


Manchester United Latest: Easily the best signing of the summer

With Sir Alex Ferguson having such a massive impact on Manchester United, over the space of a quarter of a century, you do feel that any successful successor is going to need to have a huge personality of his own.

David Moyes sadly failed in this department but if anybody can pull it off it is surely new Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal – the best signing of the summer bar none.

Van Gaal has drawn polemic responses through his career but has done his reputation the world of good with a brilliant performance as manager of Holland at The World Cup.

And being such an inspiring and outspoken character, his managerial tenure at Manchester United could go either way.

He could lead Manchester United to the title in his first season or could leave Brian Clough style after just a few weeks.

But soccersweep feels that he is going to enjoy serious success at Manchester United – perhaps his greatest triumphs yet.

The club feels a little bit fragmented at the moment and Louis van Gaal could well be the trigger to bring unity back to Manchester United.

He showed inspirational leadership qualities for Holland – not just in terms of his man management but also in many of the tactical decisions which he made – all of which had a great effect.

Manchester United need someone to bring this squad of great,but perhaps disparate, talents together and add a few more names to make United the attacking machine that fans have become so used to over the last 20 years.

It could all blow up in his face after a few weeks. But we feel that the club is today welcoming a Manchester United legend in the making.

Whatever happens it will make fascinating viewing. Manchester United fans: confident? Thoughts on LvG please.

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13 Responses to Manchester United Latest: Easily the best signing of the summer

  1. Van gaal we united fans are looking forwards for your attribute to the club success

  2. well done vidal,hammels,di maria,zuma or malanga

  3. kingsley says:

    i beleive in luis vangaal go ahead with a great job at united.

  4. Abraham@kuju says:

    Pls van gal, get us Dmaria, hummel, nd also better forward that will assist van.persie, offront..

  5. Alfred says:

    i think LVG is the right person to follow foot step left by Sir Alex Furgeuson

  6. Louis van gaal all the way,we dont need 6,3,2 formation but we want 4,5,1 formation and for the transfer,di maria,hummels,vidal and we want nani and kagawa in young and out.for captainship,we know rooney is the right season i want to see my boy januzaj on most appearances.welcome to man utd.

  7. Aluspa says:

    Pls my name is aluspa.i know how to play soccer.i want to play free for my united team.without no payment

  8. S.peter says:

    We happy the change come very soon we hope the won many things a this ssn.


  10. Sempa says:

    tis real time new talents to come in united like hummels,Da vrij, vidal, “Di maria, Reus or pilo” for da troopy again.

  11. please L V G we need better defender like hummels,better flanker like Di maria.

  12. benson says:

    with God everything iz possible

  13. You are welcome Van Gaal, kindly p’se sign Hummels or Mangala, Vidal, Di Maria, these players will make us proud I believe. Good luck at United.

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