Manchester United’s next big money signings?

Manchester United’s next big money signings?


Watching your team try, and regularly fail, to land their top targets over the summer can be very painful experience for the fan.

Sometimes you just wish you could fall asleep for three months and wake up to see your new players in the side come August.

Instead we will have to deal with the painstaking ups and downs of the will he won’t he sign for the club summer.

Manchester United fans have been particularly affected over the last few years as so many top targets seem to have been missed out on.

Thankfully some great business has already been done this summer to appease the Manchester United faithful. But the fans will expect much more to come after such a shocking season.

The most widely mooted targets at this point in time seem to be Mats Hummels, Angel Di Maria and Arturo Vidal. Here’s the latest on the three:

Football Advisor

VidalThe Daily Mail reports today that a deal is off because Manchester United aren’t prepared to pay the asking price of around £34 million.

But other newspaper reports indicate that negotiations could still ongoing and the price is still being determined. You have to say that the player seems open to a move after recent comments

“I’m already at a great team, Juventus, so I will be just as calm if the Manchester United option falls through.”

…and there are few who would compare favourably to this guy in terms of potential Manchester United signings for the middle of the park the summer. He’s got everything that Manchester United needs.

Having missed out on the brilliant Toni Kroos you imagine Manchester United would be happy to go the extra mile to get this guy on board.

Angel di Maria

Again there has been talk that Manchester United have missed out to Paris St Germain on a deal for the Argentinian.

But reports today suggest that PSG needs to balance the books before they could make such a signing having been limited to a £50 million net spend by the FIFA Fair play committee this summer.

We aren’t sure he’s worth the amount being quoted for his services anyway so Manchester United could dodge a bullet if he goes elsewhere.

Mats Hummels

This is another deal which seems eminently doable if Manchester United are prepared to spend the cash. Of course Borussia Dortmund would not want to lose a player who is about to reach his prime but a bid of around 20 million quid may well secure his services for Manchester United

Let’s see Hummels in action. Manchester United fans: would these three be the key to the title jigsaw?



  1. Please get Vidal and if he’s interested to join then Matts Hummels. However, Di Maria is not worth over £40 million and i hope Mr LvG goes all out for Marco Reus instead!

  2. Am not surprised at all because of recent times thats how we will be going after players but at the long run we will not make any major signing

  3. I dont knw what is keepn us waiting in finalizing the deals of these players until other clubs come n get to sign them,

  4. I hope UTD gets asertive this transfer session. My point is Di maria is costly. Reus, Matts and Vidal will be great additions to the team at probably an overall price of 83 mln. Anyways, Nani can be sold out, fellaini pls let him be sold quickly and other two players from chicha (which i’ll prefer not), Ander, cleverly, at this point I could really sacrifice carrick if Vidal can be a garuanteed addition, plus all that we must sign blind, end of my prospective market. Viva ManU