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Manchester United have brought in a genius



It’s been a strange few weeks for Manchester United fans. After being filled with such trepidation about what might happen at the club over the next couple of years The World Cup has given categoric evidence that the future is bright.

Because, with Louis van Gaal coming into the club, Manchester United fans can now rest assured that they have got an absolutely top notch manager.

David Moyes may have been a bad selection but the Manchester United board have got it absolutely spot-on by signing the inimitable Louis van Gaal.

He’s made some extraordinary decisions at The World Cup which could so easily have backfired on him.

The unconventional formation was one of the main elements of this campaign for Holland – and it’s worked brilliantly.

And the decision to substitute his number one goalkeeper for Tim Krul, prior to the penalty shootout against Costa Rica, really sums up the ingenuity of the man.

It’s another decision which could have gone horribly wrong and piled pressure on to the manager. But again, bringing on the bigger goalkeeper in Tim Krul was a decision which paid dividends.

It also shows what a maverick the man is. The new Manchester United manager is clearly a single-minded guy but one who has great instincts for the game and also understands how to affect matches from the sidelines – another debatably glaring weakness in David Moyes’s managerial tenure at Manchester United.

Louis van Gaal is going to make some controversial decisions while he’s at Manchester United. They won’t all be greeted with unanimous applause. But the fans must feel more confident, than at any time over the last year, that the immediate future is in safe and exciting hands. The Dutchman is an advocate of spectacular and winning football.

It’s now clear as day that Manchester United have signed a football genius in Louis van Gaal.

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