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Published on July 7th, 2014 | by soccersweep


Manchester United: Two major transfers mooted

Reports today, in The Express, suggest that Manchester United may be about to embark on some more major business.

And that business may include one arrival and one departure.

Most Manchester United fans would be happy to see the back of Marouane Fellaini after a really poor season at the club.

If they can can offload the player early for a decent price then we think that they probably will go for it.

The Daily Express says that Fiorentina could be interested and that the fee from the transfer would go towards signing Real Madrid star Angel di Maria:

Man Utd hope to offload Marouane Fellaini to Fiorentina to fund £40m Angel Di Maria bid

We think that Manchester United should definitely cut their losses on the big Belgian. He just doesn’t seem to fit comfortably to any specific role in the team. He’s not good enough to compete with the likes of Rooney or Mata for the number ten role. And, despite his height, he’s not powerful enough or sufficiently blessed technically to sit in front of the defence and pick decent forward passes.

As for Di Maria the figures being quoted in relation to his transfer are mind-boggling for someone who you wouldn’t necessarily call world class – we certainly wouldn’t.

Real Madrid look as if they could be clearing the decks for a big move for James Rodriguez and, if they are successful, Di Maria could well be on his way.

But we maintain that the Argentinian is overpriced and overrated.

Manchester United need quality in the wider areas and a better final ball than what is currently being delivered by Nani, Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia.

But there are better ways to spend such a huge amount of money than on Di Maria, in our opinion. We’d be disappointed if Louis van Gaal felt that he was worth the figures being mooted.

Let’s have a look at the lad in action anyway. Manchester United fans: do you think Di Maria would noticeably improve the first team?


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8 Responses to Manchester United: Two major transfers mooted

  1. Spanish Red says:

    He would improve the team about as much as Fellaini did and he’s just as ugly.
    Put the effort into getting Vidal, forget this overrated, overpriced winger that we don’t need. If he was any good do you really think Madrid would sell him?

  2. Sediki says:

    We don’t
    Need di

  3. Arrontp says:

    This has to be the most idiotic article I have read all day. Of course Di Maria is world class and of course united need his talent. There are very few Right wingers with his talent, with the exception of Robben and Bale. £40m would be a bargain for a player with his abilities.

  4. Arrontp says:

    Oh and to Spanish Red, big clubs sell big players. Real need the money to fund buys for better players like Rodriguez of Falcao. United won the champions league and a year later sold Ronny to Madrid even though we were better than them at the time.

  5. Pre Munich Red says:

    Football is all about opinions. Mine is that Vidal makes more sense than Di Maria. But LVG has already shown that his opinion is more informed than most other top coaches never mind yours or mine. I will give LVG the benefit of the doubt and trust him to do the best thing to get us to the top of the tree. If that means Di Maria so be it.

  6. Tango5 says:

    Why not make d bid 4 Vidal rather than goin round series of players

  7. We need dimaria as fast as possible so that our midfield can do better than last season okay guys.

  8. Shaz says:

    Vidal would immediately add real quality to the midfield. The mooted 50 million is money well spent

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